QB78 Family Airgun Workshop Manual

The QB78 Family Airgun Workshop Manual was Stephen Archer’s first hard copy airgun book.

This remains the ultimate book on the QB78 family of CO2-powered air rifles. Models covered include the QB79, AR2078, AR2078A and AR2079A models. Inside, this 88-page book contains a vast amount of data, information, hints and experience on this popular range of air rifles. It’s extensively illustrated with photographs and diagrams.

Published by Archer Airguns (the owner of Hard Air Magazine), this book incorporates much of Stephen Archer’s knowledge gained in years of experience with these rifles. It was described by the owner of the Shanghai Airgun Factory as “the doctoral thesis on the QB78”!

QB78 Family Airgun Workshop Manual

This book can also be used as a guide for repairs to old Crosman 160 air rifles, due to the considerable similarity of these guns to the QB78. The QB78 is essentially a currently-manufactured clone of the original Crosman 160 design that dates back to 1955. Chapters include:

– The QB78 family described, model by model
– Performance characteristics, using unique data from the “Gold Service” testing database
– Theory of operation
– QB78 assembly and disassembly procedures
– QB79 assembly and disassembly procedures
– Assembly and disassembly specifics for “target” models
– Troubleshooting
– Bulk filling
– Crosman 160

Of course, the information also applies to QB78 family models branded by dealers/distributors such as Compasseco (TF78 family) in the U.S.A. and SMK (XS78) in the U.K.

QB78 Family Airgun Workshop Manual

The QB78 Family Workshop Manual is a black-and-white hard copy airgun book that’s laser-printed on high-quality paper. It’s plastic comb-bound so that it will easily lie flat on a workbench for reference.

Please note that tuning is not covered in this edition of the book.

The QB78 Family Airgun Workshop Manual was published 2006. This means that it does not cover the more recent QB78 Deluxe and QB78 Synthetic models. However, these are extremely similar to the original QB78 and the actions are identical.

The price is $29.99 plus shipping.