Airguns Pellets Under 1 Cent Each In This Pyramyd Deal!

It’s amazing but true! For a (probably) limited time, you can buy good quality airgun pellets for under 1 Cent each in this Pyramyd Deal!

The pellets concerned are German-manufactured by Norma. They are available in .177 and .22 calibers in both regular and heavy weights. The product names are Golden Trophy FT and Golden Trophy FT Heavy.

These are domed, general-purpose pellets. Back in 2022, Hard Air Magazine tested the Golden Trophy FT Heavies in .22 caliber. They earned a HAM Gold Award for their combination of consistent manufacturing, fair price, cleanliness and conformance to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Airguns Pellets Under 1 Cent Each In This Pyramyd Deal!

So these are good pellets. How about the pricing?

Well, Pyramyd is selling 4-packs of the .177 caliber pellets for $9.99. That’s $9.99 for a total of 1,400 pellets (3 tins of 300 per tin, plus one of 500). Each 4-pack contains two tins of 8.4 Grain pellets and two tins of 9.1 Grainers.

But – if you add four 4-packs into your Pyramyd shopping cart, you’ll find that you even get one 4-pack FREE! That’s a total of 5,600 pellets for just $29.97!!!

Now paying $29.97 for 5,600 pellets means they’re waaay under 1 Cent each. In fact, they’re close to half a Cent each. WOW!

There’s a 4-pack of Norma pellets in .22 caliber also. In this case, you receive a total of 850 pellets per pack. One tin of 15.9 Grain pellets and three tins of 17.6 Grainers. Again the 4-pack price is $9.99.

With Pyramyd’s “buy 3 get one free” deal, that makes a total of 3,400 pellets for $29.97. Again, that’s less than 1 Cent per pellet!!!

If you want to know the Ballistic Coefficient values for these Norma pellets, uou will find them in the Hard Air Magazine BC page.

Norma Golden Trophy FT .177 Cal Pellets, 4 Pack 0.17

Norma Golden Trophy FT .22 Cal Pellets, 4 Pack 0.22