Norma Pellet Offers From Airguns of Arizona

If you’re looking for pellets, Airguns of Arizona has a range of Norma pellet offers. They’re in stock at offered at significant savings right now.

For more details of Norma pellets, you can check-out this HAM story that covers the complete current range.

AoA has the following deals available in .22 caliber:

Norma Golden Trophy FT Heavy, 17.6 Grain domed pellets. $7.99 for a tin of 200, down from $11.99.

Norma Golden Trophy FT, 15.9 Grain domed pellets. $7.99 a tin of 200, down from $11.99.

In .177 caliber:

Norma Golden Trophy FT 8.3 Grain domes. $7.99 a tin of 300, down from $11.99.

Norma Golden Trophy FT Heavy 9.1 Grain domes. $7.99 a tin of 300, down from $11.99.

AoA also has “buy four tins, get one free” offers on these pellets also. There’s no news on how long these Norma pellet offers will last, but it’s likely to be only until the stock is gone.

Norma Pellet Specials

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