Now Crosman Accepts HAM Airgun Points!

From today, Crosman accepts HAM Airgun Points! The company has joined other big names in the industry to credit your HAM Airgun Points as a discount when you make a purchase in their online store.

This is yet another great move for HAM Community members, as now you will be able to use your HAM Airgun Points when you buy from Crosman’s great range of airgun products.

Hard Air Magazine Airgun Points are our way to say “thank you” to HAM Community members. You accrue them by being an active member of the Hard Air Magazine Community, by helping others and generally having fun!

So I would like to say a big THANK YOU to our friends at Crosman for joining the HAM Airgun Points loyalty program!

Crosman’s HAM Airgun Points Offer

From today, Crosman will accept 1,000 HAM Points as a 20% – TWENTY PERCENT – credit against the total price of any one order in its online store.

This is yet another great incentive to be part of the HAM Community, thanks to Crosman!

So what Crosman products to buy when redeeming your HAM Airgun Points?

I’d guess that most HAM Community members will opt straight for the Crosman 362 Hundred year Anniversary Model! This beautiful multi-pump air rifle sells for $399.99.

Now Crosman Accepts HAM Airgun Points!

If you choose to redeem 1,000 HAM Airgun Points, however, you’ll be able to pick up this instant classic for just $320.00. You can read more background about why it’s special in this HAM story.

Then, why not build your own custom air pistol in the Crosman Custom Shop, as well? You’ll get 20% off of this, too…

The Big Difference Between HAM Airgun Points And Other Loyalty Programs

Other loyalty programs (all, or almost all) require you to spend money to receive rewards. (You need to buy an airline ticket to gain frequent flyer miles, for example).

With HAM Airgun Points, you don’t spend any money!

You accrue HAM Points simply by participating in the HAM Community. This means that you gain points for simply doing what you love!

And unlike draws and giveaways, there’s not just one winner. Everyone wins with HAM Airgun Points!

How Hard Air Magazine Airgun Points Work…

To benefit from this offer, simply redeem your HAM Points – when you have enough – using our built-in redemption system. It works just like an online shopping cart.

Start by clicking on the HAM POINTS link at the top of the page. Then you can see the Crosman HAM Points offer. Now you can redeem your points with just a few simple clicks.
Crosman will then issue an unique, one time use Promo Code specifically for you.

Now Crosman Accepts HAM Airgun Points!

Remember that HAM Airgun Points themselves have no value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

More Background….

Each partner company is entirely responsible for the terms they apply to redeemed HAM Airgun Points. For example, the minimum and maximum number of points they will accept.

Also, the value attributed to HAM Points is also determined by the company.

That’s just like most other loyalty programs.

Also, may choose to offer special deals at specific times for HAM Airgun Points. Crosman can make announcements about this at any time in the HAM Community.

Note that Crosman accepts HAM Points only for residents of the USA at this time.

For a more comprehensive description of how to redeem your Hard Air Magazine Airgun Points, check out this HAM post. It’s simple and easy…

Points are earned every time you do something – start a new thread, for example. You even earn Points just by logging-in to the HAM Community every day!

Now that Crosman accepts HAM Airgun Points, what are you waiting for?