Ballistic Coefficients

Here, Hard Air Magazine is publishing the World’s first comprehensive, structured and independent database of airgun pellet Ballistic Coefficients. We hope that you find it useful!

These airgun pellet Ballistic Coefficients are intended to help the many serious airgunners who want to know typical BC values for their pellets, but who don’t have the time or resources to derive that data themselves.

As many know, airgun pellet Ballistic Coefficients are a very complex subject. Pellet BCs vary significantly according to the type of pellet and the FPS at which the pellet is traveling. They are also effected by the airgun used to shoot them and many environmental factors.

Because the BC changes with the pellet’s velocity, there is actually no single Ballistic Coefficient for any airgun pellet!

And due to the variability inherent in each individual airgun pellet, the Ballistic Coefficient of two “identical” pellets can also be different!

In spite of all these issues, knowing a typical Ballistic Coefficient value for the pellets you are shooting is highly beneficial for calculating their trajectory. In conjunction with a software program such as Chairgun, BCs can be used to accurately estimate the amount of drop a pellet takes at different ranges. You need this for accurate shooting!

But note that Ballistic Coefficients are NOT, in themselves, a measure of accuracy. Two different pellets with the same BC can shoot with completely different accuracy in different airguns. Accuracy is a product of the gun, pellet, sighting system, ambient conditions and shooter capability.

HAM’s Ballistic Coefficients are calculated from velocity measurements taken at the muzzle and at 30 Yards. Our test range is at 244 Feet above Sea Level and all testing is done on days when the temperature is between 75 and 85 Degrees F with Relative Humidity between 60 and 80% with minimal to no wind.

HAM Ballistic Coefficients are calculated using the GA drag model.

Because of our structured testing, HAM BCs are comparable against each other. That can be useful when you’re selecting which pellets to choose for hunting or competition.

You can read more details about how HAM determines it’s typical airgun Ballistic Coefficient values elsewhere in our magazine. But the keys to our reliable, accurate BCs are consistent, comparable test methodology and high quality equipment. For this reason, all HAM airgun Ballistic Coefficient testing has been undertaken by the same experienced, dedicated testers, using the same FX Impact air rifle, set to full power, with all FPS measurements recorded using the same Labradar Doppler Radar system.

NOTE: These HAM Ballistic Coefficients were each generated by shooting a sample of 10 un-selected pellets straight from the tin. This was done to represent use by the average shooter. For this reason, and because these BCs were prepared by experimental testing, the BCs you achieve may be sightly different. “Your mileage may vary”.

Also please note that you may find the Ballistic Coefficients listed here differ slightly from those you may have seen published elsewhere. This does not mean that either number is necessarily incorrect. It probably just means that the same pellets have been tested with different air rifles at different muzzle velocities and in different ways.

HAM is very transparent about how our Ballistic Coefficients were generated. Where BC figures published elsewhere differ from ours, make sure to understand the structured testing used to generate them.


.177 Caliber Airgun Ballistic Coefficients

MAKERNAME (If red, click for full HAM review)WEIGHTHEAD
AvantiDiabolo Match8.44N/a0.0120.0383.21962 FPS697 FPS
BeemanHollow Point Coated Pellets, Model 12227.2N/a0.0120.0332.74950 FPS690 FPS
BeemanPointed Pellets, Model 12258.3N/a0.0120.0383.15896 FPS648 FPS
BenjaminHollow Point7.9N/a0.0140.0362.571051 FPS798 FPS
CrosmanPremier (in Box)7.9Die "B"0.020.0361.80970 FPS805 FPS
CrosmanPremier (in Box)10.65Die "M"0.0250.0491.94888 FPS763 FPS
CrosmanPremier Copper Magnum10.6N/a0.0220.0482.20869 FPS733 FPS
CrosmanPremier Destroyer7.4N/a0.0120.0342.811032 FPS760 FPS
CrosmanPremier Gold Tipped8.9N/a0.0140.0412.901010 FPS770 FPS
CrosmanPremier Hollow Point7.9N/a0.0120.0363.001019 FPS753 FPS
CrosmanPremier Match Grade7.9N/a0.0110.0363.271013 FPS722 FPS
CrosmanPremier Piranha10.5N/a0.0180.0482.66978 FPS796 FPS
CrosmanPremier Pointed7.4N/a0.0120.0342.811028 FPS756 FPS
CrosmanPremier Super Point7.9N/a0.010.0363.60985 FPS681 FPS
CrosmanPremier Ultra Magnum10.5N/a0.0230.0482.08885 FPS755 FPS
DaystateRangemaster Sovereign8.44N/a0.0190.0382.031022 FPS842 FPS
GamoRed Fire7.8N/a0.0120.0362.961005 FPS736 FPS
GamoRocket9.6N/a0.0130.0443.37971 FPS725 FPS
GTODomed Head Alloy6.79N/a0.0120.0312.581066 FPS788 FPS
H&NField Target Trophy8.644.50 MM0.0160.0392.46946 FPS753 FPS
H&NBaracuda FT9.574.51 MM0.0150.0442.911013 FPS785 FPS
H&NBaracuda Green6.644.50 MM0.0120.0302.521038 FPS762 FPS
H&NBaracuda Hunter10.344.50 MM0.0220.0472.14907 FPS767 FPS
H&NBaracuda Hunter Extreme9.57N/a0.0150.0442.911017 FPS796 FPS
H&NBaracuda Match10.654.50 MM0.020.0492.43867 FPS715 FPS
H&NField Target8.494.50 MM0.0110.0393.52922 FPS664 FPS
H&NField Target Trophy8.644.51 MM0.0170.0392.32935 FPS751 FPS
H&NFinale Match Heavy8.184.50 MM0.0110.0373.391000 FPS709 FPS
H&NHornet10.03N/a0.0220.0462.08957 FPS805 FPS
H&NPiledriver214.46 MM0.0330.0962.90641 FPS572 FPS
H&NSilver Point11.574.50 MM0.0150.0533.52881 FPS683 FPS
H&NSniper Magnum14.97N/a0.0250.0682.73764 FPS659 FPS
H&NTerminator7.25N/a0.0130.0332.541025 FPS761 FPS
HatsanVortex8.184.51 MM0.0130.0372.871031 FPS771 FPS
HatsanVortex Supreme8.644.51 MM0.0180.0392.19952 FPS776 FPS
JSBEXACT Beast Diabolo16.2N/a0.0290.0742.55716 FPS629 FPS
JSBEXACT Diabolo8.44N/a0.0190.0382.03940 FPS770 FPS
JSBEXACT Express Diabolo7.87N/a0.0190.0361.89960 FPS790 FPS
JSBEXACT Premium Diabolo (in box)8.44N/a0.0150.0382.57964 FPS755 FPS
JSBEXACT RS Diabolo7.33N/a0.0140.0332.39994 FPS755 FPS
JSBHeavy Ultra Shock10.3N/a0.0130.0473.61846 FPS636 FPS
JSBMATCH Diabolo Middle Weight8.024.50 MM0.0110.0373.32983 FPS700 FPS
JSBMATCH Diabolo S100 Heavy Weight8.264.50 MM0.0110.0383.42979 FPS696 FPS
JSBSTRATON Diabolo8.26N/a0.0130.0382.90927 FPS690 FPS
PredatorMetalmag8.5N/a0.0150.0392.58944 FPS740 FPS
PredatorPolymag (Long)8N/a0.0120.0363.04990 FPS730 FPS
PredatorPolymag Shorts8.02N/a0.0140.0372.61957 FPS731 FPS
Qiang YuanQYS Olympic8.184.50 MM0.0110.0373.39958 FPS680 FPS
RiflePremium Series Flathead8.18N/a0.0110.0373.39999 FPS703 FPS
RWSR10 Match Plus8.24.50 MM0.0110.0373.40967 FPS692 FPS
RWSSuperdome8.3N/a0.0140.0382.70943 FPS724 FPS


.22 Caliber Airgun Ballistic Coefficients

Air ArmsDiabolo Field16N/a0.0280.0471.69877 FPS767 FPS
BeemanBearcub14.44N/a0.0130.0433.28905 FPS603 FPS
BeemanKodiak21.14N/a0.0350.0621.78791 FPS710 FPS
CrosmanDestroyer14.3N/a0.0170.0422.48955 FPS765 FPS
CrosmanPiranha14.3N/a0.0140.0423.02893 FPS688 FPS
CrosmanPremier Copper Magnum14.4N/a0.0230.0431.85943 FPS800 FPS
CrosmanPremier Domed Ultra Heavy19.0N/a0.0170.0563.30898 FPS725 FPS
CrosmanPremier Domed Ultra Magnum14.3N/a0.0220.0421.92950 FPS804 FPS
Crosman Premier Hollow Point14.3N/a0.0230.0421.84914 FPS778 FPS
CrosmanPremier Pointed14.3N/a0.0180.0422.34943 FPS765 FPS
CrosmanPremier Ultra magnum14.4N/a0.0240.0431.77902 FPS773 FPS
DaystateKaiser14.665.56 MM0.0230.0431.88893 FPS757 FPS
DaystateSovereign Rangemaster15.9N/a0.0290.04701.62882 FPS775 FPS
DianaHunter24.695.50 MM0.0370.0731.97643 FPS582 FPS
FXAir Rifle Pellets165.52 MM0.0320.0471.48887 FPS789 FPS
GamoMatch Diabolo15.43N/a0.0170.0462.68871 FPS702 FPS
GamoRaptor Platinum PBA9.7N/a0.0150.0291.911026 FPS805 FPS
GamoRed Fire15.4N/a0.0160.0452.84860 FPS685 FPS
GamoRocket14.3N/a0.0190.0422.22886 FPS725 FPS
GTODomed Alloy11.75N/a0.0230.0351.51983 FPS834 FPS
H&N Baracuda21.145.50 MM0.0320.0621.95814 FPS723 FPS
H&NBaracuda Green12.355.50 MM0.0230.0361.58940 FPS801 FPS
H&NBaracuda Hunter18.215.50 MM0.0240.0542.24846 FPS722 FPS
H&NBaracuda Hunter Extreme18.52N/a0.0230.0552.38908 FPS773 FPS
H&NBaracuda Match21.145.53 MM0.0330.0621.89804 FPS717 FPS
H&NBaracuda Power21.145.50 MM0.0340.0621.84772 FPS691 FPS
H&NCrow Magnum18.215.50 MM0.0120.0544.48912 FPS670 FPS
H&NExcite Hammer14.665.50 MM0.0130.0433.33944 FPS712 FPS
H&NField Target Trophy14.665.53 MM0.0190.0432.28924 FPS764 FPS
H&NField Target Trophy Green10.035.50 MM0.0150.0301.971011 FPS792 FPS
H&NHornet16.2N/a0.0240.0481.99863 FPS739 FPS
H&NPiledriver305.50 MM0.0830.0891.067771 FPS737 FPS
H&NRabbit Magnum II25.625.50 MM0.0350.0762.16709 FPS637 FPS
H&NSilver Point17.135.50 MM0.0140.053.61897 FPS687 FPS
H&NSniper Light145.50 MM0.0180.0412.30977 FPS790 FPS
H&NSniper Magnum17.9N/a0.0310.0531.70865 FPS766 FPS
H&NSpitzkugel16.055.50 Mm0.0140.0473.38906 FPS698 FPS
H&N Sport13.735.50 MM0.0110.0413.68911 FPS653 FPS
H&NTerminator16.36N/a0.0210.0482.30872 FPS728 FPS
JSBEXACT Diabolo15.89N/a0.0310.0471.51903 FPS801 FPS
JSBExact Jumbo Diabolo15.89N/a0.0310.0471.51912 FPS807 FPS
JSBEXACT Jumbo Express14.35N/a0.0250.0421.69925 FPS796 FPS
JSBEXACT Jumbo Heavy18.13N/a0.0350.0541.53843 FPS756 FPS
JSBEXACT Jumbo Monster Diabolo (Redesigned)25.39N/a0.0390.0751.92718 FPS653 FPS
JSBEXACT Jumbo RS Diabolo13.43N/a0.0230.0401.72945 FPS802 FPS
JSBMATCH Jumbo Diabolo13.73N/a0.0130.043.12911 FPS682 FPS
JSBSTRATON Jumbo Diabolo15.89N/a0.0160.0472.93896 FPS709 FPS
NielsenSlugs36.00N/a0.0960.1061.11620 FPS596 FPS
PredatorPolymag17N/a0.0280.051.79855 FPS750 FPS
PredatorPolymag Shorts15.89N/a0.0230.0472.04873 FPS741 FPS
RWSHobby11.9N/a0.010.0353.51942 FPS654 FPS
RWSSuper-H-Point14.2N/a0.0120.0423.49893 FPS651 FPS
RWSSuperdome14.5N/a0.0120.0433.57902 FPS660 FPS
RWSSuperpoint14.5N/a0.0130.0433.29908 FPS674 FPS


.25 Caliber Airgun Ballistic Coefficients

BenjaminAirgun Ammunition27.8N/a0.0360.0641.77753 FPS678 FPS
H&NCrow Magnum26.23N/a0.0220.0602.73743 FPS626 FPS
H&NField Target Trophy19.91N/a0.0240.0461.90834 FPS712 FPS
H&NSilver Point24.38N/a0.0190.0562.93760 FPS622 FPS
H&NSpitzkugel24.85N/a0.0210.0572.70762 FPS638 FPS
JSBEXACT King Diabolo25.39N/a0.0380.0581.53771 FPS698 FPS
JSBExact King Heavy Mk II33.95N/a0.0460.0781.69654 FPS603 FPS
JSBHades26.54N/a0.0260.0612.35915 FPS791 FPS
PredatorGTO Alloy16.54N/a0.0220.0381.72914 FPS770 FPS


.30 Caliber Airgun Ballistic Coefficients

JSBEXACT Diabolo44.75N/a0.0370.0711.92865 FPS782 FPS
JSBEXACT Diabolo50.15N/a0.0530.0801.50610 FPS569 FPS
PredatorPolymag44.75N/a0.0250.0712.84840 FPS724 FPS


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