2022 Most Popular Airgun Reviews To Date

Well, it’s past mid-year so it’s definitely time that we looked at the 2022 most popular airgun reviews to date in Hard Air Magazine. So, without more ado, here they are…

As always, this listing reflects the preferences of HAM readers. This is YOUR list and shows the models you are most interested to read about. Thank you!

So what have you been reading? Here’s the list of your 2022 most popular airgun reviews to date. There’s some oldies but goodies, combined with some new entries in the list. Here’s the summary…



Number One – Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup


Congratulations to Air Venturi! HAM’s review of the .25 caliber Avenger Bullpup was the most-read review in HAM during the first half of 2022.

If you want a $400 bullpup, the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup air rifle is an obvious winner. Just buy it!

For this price, you get power, accuracy and adjustabilty. The consistency of the test gun matched that we’ve found in the best PCPs at three or four times the price. Yes, the cocking lever location is not the best, but you’ll get used to it with time.

This HAM Gold Award winner, scored 91% in our consistent, standardized testing. That’s a great score!

Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 0.177

Number Two – Crosman 362


Crosman 362 Muzzle Energy can approach 15 Ft/Lbs. Yes, that’s 15 Ft/Lbs for an air rifle selling for a Street Price of just $99.99, with a weight of only 4 Lbs 8 Oz and no recoil. Plus, it’s pretty quiet, too…

In fact, this was not a complete HAM test review. We didn’t shoot the gun for accuracy during this test. But we did comprehensively test the power available with different numbers of pumps. Without doubt,  you have to be impressed with that power/weight/cost equation. The Crosman 362 looks like it could be the perfect prepper’s hunting gun!

Crosman 362 Multi-Pump Pellet Rifle 0.22

Number Three – Umarex Hammer


Overall, the Hammer can’t be beaten in terms of power for price. The gun tested by HAM was definitely hunting-grade accurate with Umarex SLA 320 Gram slugs and performed consistently.

With no less than three safeties, this is a complicated airgun to use. So it’s mandatory to read the Owner’s Manual before operating. But once you understand the workings, it’s not so difficult to shoot and handles surprisingly well.

If you’re in the market for an air rifle to hunt big game at the lowest price, the Hammer is the obvious choice. It’s a HAM Silver Award winner.

Umarex Hammer .50 Cal CP

Number Four – Weihrauch HW30S



Our Weihrauch HW30S test review finds this classic breakbarrel is an easy HAM Gold Award winner!

As HAM Tester Eric Brewer remarked: “It’s very hard to find anything wrong with this gun. If I didn’t own an HW30 already, I would definitely buy it!”

In summary, the HW30S is a quality German-manufactured air rifle that’s attractively-priced and easy to shoot well. It’s compact and is supplied with industry-leading open sights. It’s great for the whole family to use for plinking and informal target shooting.

Sure, it’s not a powerhouse hunting gun. But the limited power allows so many other positive attributes that most people will be happy to accept that and just enjoy the fun of shooting it. Highly recommended!

Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle

In Fifth Position – Diana 54 AirKing Pro


The Diana 54 AirKing Pro is the latest version of a long-running classic. It’s a great buy for the airgunner wanting an unusual spring/piston air rifle.

Power, accuracy and consistency were all amply displayed by the HAM test gun. It’s also just a beautiful product!

The only real caveats are that this is a large, heavy airgun that’s not suitable for kids. It also requires more than the usual amount of respect when cocking and loading, as described below.

It’s a clear HAM Gold Award winner, with a score of 87% on test.

Diana 54 Airking Pro Air Rifle, Laminate 0.177

Sixth Place – Seneca Dragonfly Mark Two


The Seneca Dragonfly Mark Two is almost-certainly the best multi-pump air rifle available today.

Unlike a breakbarrel, here’s no recoil and – unlike a PCP – no extras to buy to get shooting. Just take a tin of pellets and go.

Accuracy is very good with a variety of pellets. Pumping is as easy as it gets. The price is fair. Many people will see the Dragonfly as an ideal “back door squirrel gun” and it’s great for preppers.

The Dragonfly is a HAM Gold Award winner. If you’re in the market for a multi-pump, this is the one to get!

Seneca Dragonfly Mk2 Multi-Pump Air Rifle 0.177

Number Seven – Weihrauch HW100


The Weihrauch HW100 PCP air rifle easily earns a coveted HAM Gold Award. It achieves one of the highest rating scores ever awarded by HAM and is relatively inexpensive compared to other models that gained similar test ratings.

This is a classic wood and metal air rifle which avoids the current trend for multi-adjustable stocks, yet feels just right to shoot. It gives excellent accuracy with a wide variety of pellets and uses a high capacity clip for plenty of rapid-fire shots, if required.

The regulated action gives consistent muzzle velocity over a long shot string, while power is at the 17 – 18 Ft/Lbs level in .177, making it an ideal tool for the serious Field Target shooter.

If you can afford the Weihrauch HW100 PCP air rifle, go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

Weihrauch HW100T FSB .177 Cal

Number Eight – Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol


The Ruger Mk IV pellet pistol is a great little gun! It’s a bargain for $50 and a HAM Gold Award winner. It’s the only pistol among the 2022 most popular airgun reviews to date in Hard Air Magazine. It also proves than an airgun does not have to be expensive to earn a HAM Gold Award!

Accuracy is very creditable, FPS surprisingly snappy and appearance is a pretty fair reproduction of the rimfire original. Yes, you need to accept that this is a single shot, break barrel airgun, not a semi-auto. But there are benefits of their own in this – like no need for CO2 cartridges.

As mentioned many times throughout this review, the only real downside to the Mk IV is the truly lousy trigger. It’s waaay too heavy and gritty with poor consistency. If Umarex could fix that, they could have an all-time classic on their hands!

Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol 0.177

In Ninth Place – Gamo Swarm Maxxim


The Gamo Swarm Maxxim is a ground-breaking airgun at an outstanding price. It’s light, well-finished and practical. The 10-shot magazine-fed loading system is unique and worked perfectly in HAM testing.

But accuracy is plinker-grade only – at least in the sample tested by HAM. It’s OK for shooting soda cans at close range. But this level of accuracy is not suitable for humane hunting.

The bundled scope requires immediate replacement with something better. And the gun tested by HAM also suffered from barrel droop, making it necessary to shim the scope to hit the point of aim.

If the Gamo Swarm Maxxim just shot more accurately and was bundled with a better scope, it would earn an easy HAM Gold Award instead of the Bronze Award it actually receives.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim IGT Air Rifle

Number Ten – Weihrauch HW97K


The Weihrauch HW97K is an outstanding spring/piston air rifle. If you’re interested in Field Target competition, the HW97K is ready straight out of the box. It’s also a capable hunting air rifle for use on small game.

The HW97K tested by HAM demonstrated great accuracy and consistency. The trigger is excellent and the gun exudes a feeling of quality. There’s no flashy “bells and whistles” with the HW97K, what you get is solid – if understated – value. This air rifle excels in all the areas demanded by knowledgeable airgun shooters.

The fixed barrel and underlever cocking system appeal to many springer shooters, with their promise of accuracy. Here again, the HW97K certainly delivers!

For its combination of quality, usability, value and performance, the Weihrauch HW97K air rifle receives a HAM Gold Award.

Weihrauch HW97K

Again thanks to all of you for reading! This is your list of the 2022 most popular airgun reviews to date in Hard Air Magazine.