The Most Popular HAM Reviews

Since Hard Air Magazine introduced the new HAM Review Center page a few months ago, more and more people have been using it to quickly and easily find our cutting-edge reviews. So what are the most popular HAM reviews?

To answer that question, we analyzed the comprehensive data on the Hard Air Magazine site using industry-standard software called Google Analytics. This gives no attributable personal details – so we don’t know that it’s you looking or what you’re looking at – but we can get a total for how many people have looked at a particular review over a certain time period.

So, we set Google Analytics to search for the number of times any article called “Review” was viewed the three months from 10 May to 11 August 2016. That’s how we found the most popular HAM Reviews. The software also told us how long – on average – people looked at each review. Interestingly, the most popular reviews were not necessarily the reviews people spent most time reading, as you’ll see.

Here’s the top twelve most popular HAM Reviews compared:

The Most Popular HAM Reviews

As you can see, the most popular review during the chosen period was for the Remington Express air rifle. Second was the Benjamin Trail NP2. Third most popular HAM Review was for the Gamo Coyote. And so on.

But note that this is not a strictly fair comparison!

For some reviews were only posted after 10 May and had a shorter period to be seen. This means that the Brocock Compatto review (posted 12 June), the Reactive Targets review (posted 30 June) and – most particularly – the Benjamin Maximus review (posted 3 July) really were even more popular that this chart shows.

As you can see, six of the “top twelve” most popular reviews were for break barrel air riles (the Best Hunting Rifle was a breakbarrel comparison), while five were for PCPs. Nothing too unusual there. But wait, there’s more…

The next chart shows how long people spent, on average, looking at each review. Again, we see the top twelve results.

The Most Popular HAM Reviews

Yes, you’re right! People spent a longer time reading the Benjamin Maximus review than any other. Next were the Umarex Fusion, the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum then HAM’s latest pistol review – the Legends M712 – and the Omega Supercharger air compressor.

Interestingly, half of the “top twelve” articles read for the longest time were about CO2-powered airguns! Less people searched for reviews about CO2 guns, but they spend more time reading them when they were there.

So are the most popular HAM reviews the ones that were viewed most often, or the ones that were read for the longest? You decide. My brain aches from all these numbers!

But in certainly looks like the Benjamin Maximus is the airgun that’s gaining all your attention right now!