Airgun Target Shooting

Air rifles and air pistols can be very accurate indeed, particularly in combination with peep sights or scopes. This is why airgun target shooting is very popular.

Accuracy can exceed that of firearms at relatively short ranges. Target shooting with airguns can be considerable fun in the basement with a suitable pellet trap to hold the targets.

Of course, the most accurate air rifles are very expensive. But there are some low cost air rifles that can be used for very accurate shooting – if you do your part.

Many shooters gain great satisfaction from punching holes in paper targets. The NRA provides specifications and targets for matches. There are also postal and Internet matches available to provide competitive stimulus, even if you shoot alone.

Airgun target shooting requires accurate barrels, light trigger pull weights and micro-adjustable peep sights. Often an adjustable stock enables you to achieve that perfect hold. All target air rifles have a low RateAGun score, as you would expect, in recognition of their suitability for airgun target shooting.

The heading photograph shows the IZH Baikal 61 target air rifle, fitted with a click adjustable peep sight.