And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is…

Today, we’ll look at some serious airguns and recommend Hard Air Magazine’s choices for the best $1200 PCP air rifle.

At this price level, you’re definitely into the top end of the airgun market for performance. The “ultimate”, or “luxury” models are still much higher priced, but for $1200, you buy a top quality product that’s likely to shoot better than you do!

In 2020, it goes without saying that Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifles dominate the upper end of the market. If you’re buying one of these PCPs, you already will have – or know you need – a suitable High Pressure Air (HPA) tank, or compressor. You’ll understand the need to fill your gun with dry air and so have a dessicant system.

If you’re spending this much money you will almost certainly not be using a hand pump…

Plus, of course, you’ll need a suitable riflescope and mounts. Bundled scopes are found only at the lower end of the air rifle market, unless a major dealer happens to have a promotional bundle with a model such as these.

So, yes, you’ll probably double your spend with all the accessories for one of these $1200 PCP air rifles. But it’s still a whole lot cheaper than buying a beat-up Corvette for fun – which a lot of people do – and it won’t be a “money pit” either!

We’ve selected three models for your consideration as the best $1200 PCP air rifle. All are Hard Air Magazine Gold Award winners. All scored a massive 94% or 95% in our industry-leading standardized review testing.

In alphabetical order, let’s look at…

1. Brocock Concept Lite

2. FX Dreamlite

3. Weihrauch HW100

All three models cost about the same amount, all have almost identical HAM scores, all are PCPs. Yet they are three very different types of airgun, you will have a lot of fun choosing between them!

Brocock Concept Lite

And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is...

The HAM Team likes the Brocock Concept Lite air rifle. In fact, we like it a lot!

The Concept Lite is a recently introduced member of the company’s semi-bullpup PCP platform that was started with the (still available) Compatto a few years back.

It’s fun and easy to shoot. It has a quality, chunky, solid feel, yet it’s not large or heavy. It’s accurate with a wide range of pellets – so there’s no need to spend time searching for one “perfect pellet” just for this gun.

The potential for customization is considerable, so it’s easy to make your Concept Lite really your own. If you like the fashionable, tactical “black gun” look, this has to be a strong contender.

And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is...

We LikeWe Don't Like
Accuracy with many pelletsPressure gauge in end of tube
Feels so good to shootRelatively limited shot count
Semi bullpup form factorNot much else!
Brocock Concept Lite

FX Dreamlite

And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is...

The FX Dreamlite air rifle offers a wonderful shooting experience. Accuracy is outstanding, the trigger and cocking action are sublime. Consistency is top class, too.

Seen as an air rifle alone, the Dreamlite provides great value. However, it moves to a completely different level if its potential for versatility is included. Here is an air rifle that can evolve with you as your shooting interests change over time. It’s a capability unmatched by any other airgun in the market today.

You can read the full Hard Air Magazine review here.

And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is...

We LikeWe Don't Like
Great triggerPressure gauge in end of tube
Very light weightMust use high scope rings
Unmatched versatilityNot much else!
FX Dreamlite, DonnyFL Moderator

Weihrauch HW100

And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is...

The Weihrauch HW100 PCP air rifle easily earns a coveted HAM Gold Award.

This is a classic wood and metal air rifle which avoids the current trend for multi-adjustable stocks, yet feels just right to shoot. It gives excellent accuracy with a wide variety of pellets and uses a high capacity clip for plenty of rapid-fire shots, if required.

The regulated action gives consistent muzzle velocity over a long shot string, while power is at the 17 – 18 Ft/Lbs level in .177, making it an ideal tool for the serious Field Target shooter.

And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is...

We LikeWe Don't Like
Great triggerPressure gauge in end of tube
Excellent accuracyA little heavy
Perfect fit for many shootersNot much else!
Weihrauch HW100T With Moderator

And The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle Is…

The one you like best! The HAM Team really can’t decide between them. So it will come down to personal preference.

If you like the “traditional look of a full-length air rifle, the Weihrauch HW100 is the obvious choice. HAM specialist PCP Tester Doug Rogers owns one himself – that’s a recommendation right there.

The Brocock Concept Lite offers great accuracy accuracy with a wide range of pellets. That’s very unusual and a significant benefit for many shooters. It means that the gun will likely work well with their existing favorite pellets, rather than require an extensive search to find a new “perfect pellet”.

Rather than being “just one gun”, the Dreamlite provides the entry into a complete shooting system. It offers the ultimate in flexibility.

Ownership of any Dreamline air rifle gives you a potential future choice of stocks (wood and synthetic), configurations (takedown, regular and bullpup), calibers, power levels, barrel liners and more. This “system” approach can provide huge value for the airgunner interested to explore its possibilities.

Unfortunately all three air rifles have one feature that HAM really dislikes. The pressure gauge in the end of the HPA tube. The first rule of safe shooting is “don’t point the gun ant anyone”. Yet it’s tough to check the pressure on any of these air rifles without almost having to look down the barrel to do so!

So have fun but shoot safe – and check air pressure safely too…