Firearms Shooters

I shoot fullbore rifle. But ammo’s expensive and I want to practise at home. Can you recommend the best pellet gun for me?

More and more shooters find an interest in air rifles after years of shooting firearms. Why? Well, ammo’s cheap and readily available, airguns don’t need cleaning every time you shoot and they can be shot at short range. Many firearms shooters find they can now shoot in their backyard, garage or even basement rather than taking a trip to the range.

Just remember that air rifles are not toys and treat them with the same respect you’ve always given to your firearms.

Hard Air Magazine’s  suggestion for a first air rifle is to choose one with characteristics similar to firearms.  There are bolt-action and semi-automatic airguns that are mostly powered by CO2 or high pressure air. They will look quite familiar to firearms shooters and can be shot in the same way as a firearm.

Spring-powered air rifles are less attractive to firearms shooters because they require a special hold to shoot accurately and this is not intuitive if you’ve had years of holding tight to that 30.06 to prevent it from destroying your shoulder!

The RateAGun  score ranks ease of shooting. Lower is better.

Make the move to air rifles. They’re airguns for adult firearms shooters!

The heading photograph shows the bolt action, 8-shot clip, CO2 powered Hammerli 850 AirMagnum.