HAM’s Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021 – You Vote!

HAM publishes some of the best airgun buyers guides available. You – our readers –  make this one of the most popular areas of Hard Air magazine. Thank you!

But which are the best airgun buyers guides, in your opinion? Here we’ll review the top ten most popular HAM buyers guides of 2021, as chosen by the number of times they have been read. Here’s the summary, then let’s look further in detail…

Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021

Number One – Most Accurate .177 Caliber Pellets

Your vote for best airgun buyers guide 2021 was for our analysis of the most accurate .177 caliber pellets. By comparing the results from HAM’s consistent airgun test reviews, this post gives you a big head start on finding the most accurate pellet for your .177 caliber air rifle.

There’s separate sections for both piston and PCP air rifle accuracy.

Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021

In fact – as you can see – this was actually one part of the major accuracy review published by HAM in 2020. You’ve also been reading the other parts of this series, as we can see next…

Number Two – Most Accurate .22 Caliber Pellets

Yes, Part Four of the Big HAM Accuracy Test series covered .22 caliber pellets. And that was the second most popular of our airgun buyers guides. Again, Muzzle Velocity played a major part in on-target accuracy, as you can read in this post.

HAM's Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021

Number Three – The Best Caliber For Airgun Hunting

HAM's Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021

This guide was written back in 2015 by the late Derek Goins. Yet it’s still a valid and popular analysis of the traditional airgun calibers for field use. (Not big bore, that is).

Covering .177, .20, .22 and .25 calibers, Derek used them all and gives practical suggestions and gives his own favorite small game hunting caliber. It may surprise you!

Four – The Best Breakbarrel Hunting Air Rifle

In this buyers guide, we see how a range of breakbarrel spring/piston air rifles compare for hunting use.  There’s also a surprise entry at the end!

HAM's Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021

Even though this guide was published as recently as December 2019, we can see some of the rapid changes that are happening in the airgun industry.

The outstanding SIG SAUER ASP20 is already only available as a secondhand purchase. While the Nova Freedom is still available, it’s now sold by Air Venturi and called the Seneca Aspen.

Seneca Aspen PCP Air Rifle 0.25

Fifth Place – What’s The Best Airgun Caliber?

Is it .22 cal or .25 caliber? That’s a question many new airgunners have. Here HAM gives you the answer.

We analyze power, pellet availability and cost, PCP shots per fill and more. All this gives you information to make an informed choice.

HAM's Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021 - You Vote!

Six – What’s The Best Airgun Scope?

In sixth place for your best airgun buyers guides, HAM covers the issues to watch when buying a riflescope for your airgun. Just as importantly, we cover what to avoid! If your air rifle comes bundled with a 4×32 scope, we tell you what to do…

HAM's Best Airgun Buyers Guides 2021 - You Vote!

Seven – What’s The Best $400 Breakbarrel Air Rifle?

In this guide, we compare three HAM Gold Award-winning airguns. One is a long-running favorite, the other two newcomers. HAM gives you the information you need to make the right choice for you.

In Eighth Position – What’s The Best $1,200 PCP?

Brocock, FX or Weihrauch? That’s the question we examine in this buyer’s guide. They’re all Gold Award winners. Which one will you choose?

Ninth Place – 2020 Most Popular Air Rifles

In our mid-year 2020 survey of most-read air rifle reviews, the Weihrauch HW100 took top place. What were the others? Just read along to find out…

Number Ten – 2021 Most Popular Air Rifles To Date

Our 2021 mid-year survey of most-read airgun reviews saw big changes compared to the previous year. What will the full year results be? We’ll bring you that story very soon!