Hard Air Magazine HAM Awards Give Help To Airgun Buyers

Hard Air Magazine specializes in detailed test reviews of airguns and related products.

As HAM reviews are conducted according to standardized test protocols, HAM test reviews scores can be directly compared to each other.

For example, airgun A might gain a HAM score of 86%. This means that it is better in an absolute sense than airgun B which gains a score of 74% as the two test reviews were conducted under identical conditions.

But what if airgun B costs twice as much as airgun A? Which is the better buy?

HAM Awards help you to make that decision.

Because HAM Awards relate Hard Air Magazine test review scores against the prices of the guns, they enable a comparison based on Quality, Usability, Value and Performance.

There are three levels of Hard Air Magazine test review awards:
– HAM Gold Awards
– HAM Silver Awards
– HAM Bronze Awards

Air Rifles

The table below shows how HAM Awards are determined for air rifles.

Price Range (Inc Scope)GOLD AwardSILVER AwardBRONZE AwardNo Rating
Up to $15074% and above68 - 73%63 - 67%62% and below
$151 - 20075% and above71 - 74%66 - 70%66$ and below
$201- 25077% and above73 - 76%69 - 72%68% and below
$251 - 35079% and above75 - 78%72 - 74%71% and below
$351 - 50082% and above78 - 81%74 - 77%73% and below
$501 - 100087% and above83 - 86%79 - 82%78% and below
$1001 and above89% and above85 - 88%82 - 84%81% and below

For example, if an air rifle costing less $100 scored 75% in a HAM test review, it would qualify for HAM Gold Award status. If a different air rifle costing $550 also scored 75% in a HAM test review, it would not even receive a HAM rating at all…

Note that the prices used by HAM for determining HAM Award status are the “Street Prices” – the typical retail price you would pay excluding tax – at the time of the test. This price includes the scope that’s bundled with many air rifles.

If no scope is bundled with the gun, the Street Price includes an amount that a typical user would probably pay for a scope and rings to accompany the gun.

Air Pistols

Price RangeGOLD AwardSILVER AwardBRONZE AwardNo Rating
Up to $5070% and above65 - 69%60 - 64%59% and below
$51 - 6575% and above71 - 74%65 - 70%64% and below
$66 - 9085% and above81 - 84%75 - 80%74% and below
$91 - 11090% and above86 - 89%83 - 85%82% and under
$111 - $15092% and above88 - 91%85 - 87%84% and under
$151 and above94% and above91 - 93%88 - 90%87% and under

Check out HAM Test Reviews and look for the air rifles with the HAM Gold Award logo. These are the best buys!

Note that HAM Awards for airgun pellets will be coming shortly.