Help For New Airgun Shooters – And A Reminder For Experts!

Airguns of Arizona is known primarily for its expertise with high end air rifles. But they also understand and help new airgun shooters. That’s why they produce the Airgun Bootcamp series of videos.

Today, let’s take a look at two of the latest AoA videos. They’re full of help and assistance for new airgun shooters. But most of us will find something to learn – or re-learn – from these professionally-produced and well-explained videos.

Airgun Pellet Calibers And Types

In the first video, Chris takes through the basics of the different calibers. He also explains the benefits of different pellet types. This reminds us of the HUGE range of airgun pellets that are available out there and the great choices we have for our airguns.

Help For New Airgun Shooters

Chris gives good advice that’s worth listening to. This video also explains why HAM airgun test reviews use a standard range of different pellets for comparison. One type of pellets will often be found to shoot better than the others – and it’s not always the one we expect!

FPS Or FPE (Ft/Lbs)?

In the second video, Lauren covers a topic that’s often confusing to new airgun shooters. Should I be most concerned with pellet speed – Muzzle Velocity (FPS). Or is knock-down energy – Muzzle Energy (FPE or Ft/Lbs) more important?

Help For New Airgun Shooters

First, Lauren explains the relationship between velocity and energy, including how to calculate on from the other.

Then she demonstrates that too much FPS can actually be bad for accuracy. She shoots two groups with the same air rifle at the same target at the same range, but using heavier and lighter pellets.

Even though both pellets are from the same high quality manufacturer – JSB – the heavier, slower pellets are more accurate. And they also hit much harder too!

Help For New Airgun Shooters

Lauren’s results confirm HAM’s Big Accuracy Review, where we compared the most accurate pellets tested over a wide range of air rifles.

Yip! the most accurate pellets in HAM test reviews are almost always heavier ones shooting slower. So those high FPS numbers stressed by some airgun manufacturers are not really the best way to make a buying decision for an air rifle.

Energy and accuracy are more important. After all, most of us want to actually hit what we’re aiming at! A relatively slow-moving pellet that hits the target is waaaay better that a mega-fast pellet that misses (and is probably much noisier, too).

Have Fun Watching The Videos Yourself…