How To Fill A PCP Airgun – Airgun Bootcamp

Airguns of Arizona has added two new videos to their “Airgun Bootcamp” series for new airgunners. These explain how to fill a PCP airgun.

While many HAM readers will already be familiar with the content of these videos, many new comers are joining our sport daily. This means that there’s a definite need for clear, comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand videos covering these basic topics. After all, we all had to learn this stuff once…

In this video, Chris shows how to use a Hill Mk 5 hand pump. First, he covers the simple basic assembly steps for this hand pump and advises the exact wrench sizes required for assembly.

Then he covers the multiple choices for connecting the pump to your air rifle. This could be by a probe or quick-disconnect, as Chris explains.

Then, the exciting part – actually using the pump to fill a PCP airgun.

Finally he explains why you should invest in a desiccant filter system, however you fill your PCP. The HAM Team are HUGE believers in the importance of filling your PCP airguns with dry air, as this story explains.

Oh – by the way – “MK 5” indicates the fifth version of the Hill hand pump. The previous model was the MK 4. This type of designation was started by the British Army many years ago. “MK” actually stands for “Mark”. So the correct pronunciation of the product is “Hill Mark Five” pump, rather than “Hill M K Five”.

In the second video, Chris – this time with longer beard – covers the benefits of using an HPA (High Pressure Air) tank instead of a hand pump.

Quite correctly, he stresses the importance of understanding and reading the pressure gauges on tank and gun to ensure a safe fill.

He also covers the importance of bleeding the air from the connecting tube after filling and – finally – what to do if – through an error – your airgun is accidentally over-filled.

Thanks Chris and thanks to AoA for making this Boot Camp video series. They help newcomers and are a good reminder to those of us who sometimes think we know it all!

Hill MK 5 HPA Hand Pump With Dry Air System