How To Use HAM Airgun Points

Everyone’s getting excited about HAM Points! So – if you’ve read the program overview, here’s how to use HAM Airgun Points. It’s simple!

Firstly, it’s probably good to know that there’s a basic FAQ on HAM Airgun Points in our Community FAQ and Guides category. Now, let’s go and use some points…

First you can check the number of Points in your account in either the top black band, or the “HAM Airgun Points” box. As you can see, I only have 13 Points in my account. Almost all of you will have more, some many more…

How To Use HAM Airgun Points

If I click that “HAM POINTS” indicator in the black bar, you’ll find that it’s also actually a link. It takes you directly to the “Redeem HAM Airgun Points” page. As we can see below, I now see the list of offers for how you can redeem some of your HAM Airgun Points.

Currently there’s one offer, from Umarex USA. More are to come and some will be for HAM Community members outside the USA!

If you click the red “Umarex USA” link under “offers” you will see a list of that company’s offers. Currently there’s just the one, of course. Please note the “Prefix” that indicates the country or countries for which that offer is valid.

As you can see, the system we are using is just like an online shopping cart, so it’s intuitive to use. To make your selection, click on the offer and you’ll see more detail, as shown by the screen shot below.

How To Use HAM Airgun Points

Having decided that this is the offer to want to use to redeem some of your HAM Airgun Points, just click on the red “Redeem” button.

Then you’ll click on the red “Add to Cart” button that appears in the “pop up”. Below…

How To Use HAM Airgun Points

Having done that, you’ll see a confirmation of your selection. Now click the black “Redeem” button.


How To Use HAM Airgun Points

So that’s how to use HAM Airgun Points! Easy, eh?

Having made your choice of offer against which to redeem your HAM Points, the Community Administrator – that’s me – is sent an email with confirmation. I then forward that email to the company of your choice.

Then – depending on the company – either they send you a “one time discount code” to use in their online store, or send it to me to forward to you.

The points that you have redeemed (1,000 in this case) are automatically deducted from your account. Now you can continue and earn more HAM Airgun Points :-)

There’s just a couple of other points to add…

Firstly, you can only redeem points for one offer at a time. For two offers, you run the process twice.

Also you must use the same email address for the order where you redeem the Points as the one you used to register with the HAM Community. Otherwise the company accepting your redeemed points does not know it’s actually you!

Finally, the system is smart enough to know if you do not have enough points in your account. Should you not have enough HAM Airgun Points, it will tell you and cancel the transaction.

So that’s how to use HAM Points! The more you earn, the more you can redeem and the more they will save you on airgun stuff that you really want.