Load Break Barrel Air Rifles Safely

It’s easy to load break barrel air rifles safely and doing so soon becomes second nature. But if you don’t follow some basic rules you can have a serious and possibly dangerous accident.

Break barrel air rifles are the most common type of airgun. Most spring/piston and gas ram – Nitro Piston – air rifles use this “single pump” or break barrel action to cock the gun.

These are generic safety rules. Read the owner’s guide for your own air rifle for precise instructions. If you have any questions, contact the dealer where you bought the gun and obtain expert advice. Don’t take chances!

1. Keep your finger off the trigger at all times when breaking the barrel, loading a pellet and closing the barrel.

Load break barrel air rifles safely

2. Push the buttstock firmly against your hip. Keep it pushed there at all times when cocking and loading the air rifle.

Load break barrel air rifles safely

3. Grasp the barrel at the muzzle for maximum leverage. Pull the barrel down until it clicks into place – you will find there is strong resistance against this effort as you compress the spring or gas ram. NEVER LET GO OF THE BARREL WHILE LOADING A BREAK BARREL AIR RIFLE. THE BARREL COULD POSSIBLY SLAM SHUT ACCIDENTALLY, CAUSING INJURY TO YOU, DAMAGING THE AIRGUN AND MAYBE FIRING A PELLET UNINTENTIONALLY!

Load break barrel air rifles safely

4. Load the pellet into the rear of the barrel using the hand that’s NOT holding the barrel. Now swing the barrel up firmly until it latches correctly into place.