Mount And Sight-In A Scope – Airgun Bootcamp

Knowing how to correctly mount and sight-in a scope is one of the most common areas where new airgunners look for advice and instruction.

To answer these – and other questions – Airguns of Arizona has introduced a new video seres on YouTube. It’s called Airgun Bootcamp.

In this video series, the AoA Team takes a look at some airgunning basics and give useful answers, tips and instructions.

So, it’s no surprise that two of the first videos in the Airgun Bootcamp series take us through how to mount and sight-in a scope on an airgun.

In the first video, Chris explains how to mount a scope onto your air rifle’s Picatinny scope rail. He deals with correct placement of the scope rings on the gun, adjusting for the correct eye relief, the right way to tighten scope mounting screws and more.

In fact, he’s mounting a scope on a LCS Air Arms SK-19 air rifle that HAM has reviewed just recently!

For the second video, Lauren takes us through the process of sighting-in the scope. In fact, she demonstrates two different, but simple methods for sighting-in.

Note that these methods get you sighted-in at one distance and with a specific pellet. For accurate shooting at longer or shorter ranges, you can hold over or under on the target, using the scope’s graduated reticle as a guide.

If you plan to use different pellets, you’ll need to sight-in again, using the same process. It’s amazing to many people how different pellets actually have divergent points of impact on the target! So, sight-in with the pellets you will be using for your shooting…

Being able to correctly mount and sight-in a scope is critical to accurate and enjoyable shooting with an air rifle. Sure, others have covered the same ground before, but there’s a benefit to watching these new videos – all of us can learn new tricks or be reminded to avoid bad habits.

Thanks AoA!