Multi Pump Airguns

Multi pump airguns form a small  part of the pellet gun market, at least in number of models. But they have some devoted fans and a number of unique benefits.

The most popular airgun of all time – the Crosman 760 – is a multi pump air rifle and it introduced generations of Americans to airgun shooting.

These airguns are generally small and light with good handling and reasonable prices. A natural, tight shooting hold is used with these airguns and so multi pump air rifles have good RateAGun scores. The ability to produce different muzzle velocities by giving differing numbers of pumps between shots is also often given as an advantage for multi pump airguns, although this will undoubtedly lead to differing points of impact on the target. Hmmm….

So why aren’t there more multi pump airguns available?

Somehow, multi pump airguns have been left behind in recent airgun developments. Few new models have appeared in recent years, although Crosman continues to develop and manufacture them as both air pistols and air rifles.

Pumping these guns can be tough for some, particularly to achieve the maximum muzzle velocity and over extended shooting sessions. And be careful of pinching your hand between pump and air tube. We’ve done that. Ouch!

Multi pump airguns are also not very scope-friendly, it’s difficult to pump most models with a scope fitted and many don’t even have standard airgun scope rails in their basic configuration.

But multi pump airguns remain a viable choice if you can accept their limitations – and what pellet guns don’t have some some? They can also be fun to own and shoot just because they’re different from your average airgun…

The heading photograph shows the Crosman 1322 multi pump air pistol.