Pyramyd Air’s Top Selling 2021 High End Air Rifles

Pyramyd Air has announced its list of top selling 2021 high end air rifles. And – as usual – HAM is taking this information and comparing it with the company’s top products from previous years.

As with last year, the AirForce Texan takes first prize. In fact, there are no less than four big bores in this year’s list: the Texan, Bulldog, Hammer and Dragon Claw. That’s the most ever and must be a clear indication of the way the airgun market is moving.

Top Selling 2021 High End Air Rifles

AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle 0.357

Another sign of the times is the rise of the selective fire (semi- and full-auto) Hatsan Blitz to second place in the rankings.

Top Selling 2021 High End Air Rifles

Hatsan Blitz Full Auto PCP Air Rifle 0.25

FX Impact X, Black PCP Air Rifle 0.22

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded 0.357

Of this list, four are As you might expect, all are PCPs. Well, not quite! Make that all but one…

The Air Arms TX200 retains its place as the only spring/piston air rifle in Pyramyd Air’s list of top selling 2021 high end air rifles. It’s earned that distinction ever since HAM started tracking this “Top Ten” list back in 2015.

First-time entries include the following models: Benjamin Akela, Umarex Hammer and FX Maverick.

Here’s the full details…

1AirForce Texan Big BoreAirForce Texan Big BoreFX ImpactBenjamin BulldogBenjamin BulldogBenjamin MarauderBenjamin Marauder
2Hatsan Blitz Full AutoFX Impact Mk IIBenjamin Marauder
Field & Target
Benjamin ArmadaAir Arms T200 SporterBenjamin BulldogBenjamin Bulldog
3FX ImpactBenjamin Marauder Field And TargetBenjamin Marauder ComboAirForce Texan Big BoreSeneca Dragon ClawBenjamin ArmadaAirForce Texan Big Bore
4Benjamin BulldogSeneca Dragon ClawAir Arms TX200Air Arms TX200AirForce Texan Big BoreAir Arms TX200Air Arms T200 Sporter
5Air Arms TX200Benjamin BulldogAirForce Texan LSSAirForce Texan SSBenjamin ArmadaAirforce Texan Big BoreBenjamin Armada
6Benjamin AkelaHatsan Blitz Full AutoSeneca Dragon ClawBenjamin Marauder
Field & Target
AirForce Condor SSAirForce Condor SSSam Yang Dragon Claw
7Seneca Eagle ClawAir Arms TX200 MkIIIBenjamin Armada ComboSeneca Dragon ClawAir Arms TX200Air Arms T200 SporterAir Venturi Wing Shot
8Umarex HammerSeneca Eagle ClawBenjamin BulldogAirForce Condor SSSeneca Sumatra 2500Hatsan GladiusSumatra 2500
9Seneca Dragon ClawBenjamin ArmadaAirForce Texan SSSeneca Wing Shot IISeneca Wing Shot IISam Yang Dragon ClawAir Arms TX200
10FX MaverickKral Puncher Breaker SilentSeneca Double ShotAir Arms T200 SporterAirForce Texan SSAir Venturi Wing ShotAirForce Condor SS

Thanks to Pyramyd Air for providing this information. It gives us all an outstanding overview of the state of the US airgun market in 2021!