The Seneca Aspen And Nova Freedom Are Siblings!

Yes, it’s true, the Seneca Aspen And Nova Freedom are really, really similar air rifles. In fact they’re actually siblings.

Both of them use the same, unique, PCP action with a built-in hand pump. This makes them ideal for shooters taking their first steps into the PCP world. They are also ideal for use in the field without the need for separate tanks, hand pumps or compressors.

In fact, the American Tactical Nova Freedom is one of the most popular air rifles ever reviewed by HAM. It was an easy Gold Award winner with a high 88% score under test in its Hard Air Magazine review back in April 2018.

The Seneca Aspen And Nova Freedom Are Siblings!

With a sidelever action, Marauder-compatible rotary magazine, two-stage adjustable trigger, shrouded barrel and adjustable power capability – not to mention the built-in pump – we liked it a lot! It’s also very tunable, as we discovered in this follow-up HAM post.

Below, here’s some of the FPS/shot count variations available when tuning the .22 caliber version. All tests were made using 14.35 Grain JSB Jumbo Express pellets.

The Seneca Aspen And Nova Freedom Are Siblings!

Unfortunately, it has become rather difficult to find this unusual air rifle for sale at US airgun dealers. However, it is also sold as the Seneca Aspen through Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot. What are the differences? We’ll cover them below…

We had no issues with the pump system in the Nova Freedom tested by HAM. In fact we still don’t, although the gun remains in occasional use.

However an improved, replacement pump system was implemented by the manufacturer for later deliveries. The Seneca Aspen models currently for sale include this improved pump.

In fact, the Seneca Aspen and Nova Freedom can both be filled from a HPA tank or compressor – even from a separate hand pump. In that case, the built-in pump can be used to top-up pressure in the field with a few additional pumps.

The ATI Nova Freedom is fitted with open sights. Early Seneca Aspens were sold complete with a 4 x 32 scope and rings. However, current production Aspens are sold without a scope.

Shedding the bundled riflescope offers you the flexibility to choose your own scope. It also allowed the selling price to be lowered. The Aspen is currently being sold at a Street Price of $300 – a significant reduction from when we tested an early Nova Freedom.

One significant difference between the Seneca Aspen and Nova Freedom is that the Aspen is also available in .25 caliber. The ATI Nova Freedom is in .177 and .22 calibers only.

That larger caliber makes the Seneca Aspen even more ideal for the airgun hunter, due to its increased power. The manufacturer quotes a maximum Muzzle Energy in the region of 36 Ft/Lbs in .25 cal, a healthy amount for pests and small game hunting.

The chart below indicates the differences in specification between the two models.

Seneca AspenATI Nova Freedom
Available Calibers.177 (currently unavailable)
Open SightsNoIncluded (fiber optic)
Airgun Scope RailsYesYes
Bundled Scope IncludedYes, 4 x 32 (early models)
No (current production)
Seneca Aspen PCP Air Rifle 0.25
Seneca Aspen