Umarex Notos Scope Mounting – Scout Rifle Style

I’ve always been interested in the “scout rifle” concept. That interest has come in useful for Umarex Notos scope mounting. You see, the Notos is the ideal airgun scout rifle!

The scout rifle takes a carbine-length, bolt-action firearm and adapts it for maximum utility. The focus is on practical accuracy versus highest power and the result usually includes a long eye relief scope positioned far forward on the rifle.

Umarex Notos Scope Mounting - Scout Rifle Style

To understand how this applies to the new Umarex Notos, it’s important to understand that this rifle was originally designed as a pistol. (That’s how it originally appeared, back at the 2022 SHOT Show). The carbine is actually supplied in two parts and you fix it together with four screws.

Sure, the original idea was that the Notos could be adapted to a rifle configuration. The left-hand lever action and long top Picatinny rail, not to mention the built-in pistol grip frame, give the game away immediately.

This history has big implications for Umarex Notos scope mounting. It means that we need to consider access to the side lever and magazine in a way that is different to a regular air rifle.

Umarex Notos scope mounting

My first thought was that the Notos would be ideal for a compact UTG Bugbuster scope. But as soon as I had one installed, it was clear that this was – for once – not such a smart idea. It was pretty-well impossible to obtain access to the cocking lever.

Even with the Bugbuster’s QD ring levers set to the other side, it wasn’t easy enough. Plus, the scope was too low for easy sighting. Oops!

So next I tried open sights. In fact, I used a pair of AR15-type irons and – due to the long, long top Picatinny rail – they worked OK. So suitable open sights are one sighting option for the Notos.

But I wanted an optical sight of some sort. So my next step was to mount an old Leapers UTG red dot sight. That proved the long eye relief concept would work. Now I had some sort of optical sight yet could access the cocking lever.

But it was too low above the bore for comfortable sighting – and comfort is important for accurate, consistent shooting. Particularly if you have a long neck like mine!

OK, so the red dot sight had to go up. The solution was a 0.5-Inch UTG Picatinny riser. Placed between the red dot sight and Notos’ rail, that certainly did the trick. Now I had a second sighting alternative…

Umarex Notos Scope Mounting - Scout Rifle Style

Then I thought of a small, high-mounted red dot sight. Like this UTG model. Bingo! Umarex Notos scope mounting solution three (Well, an optical sight at least).

Umarex Notos Scope Mounting - Scout Rifle Style

While this worked just fine, I was still determined to crack fitting a scope to the Notos. So I re-installed that Leapers UTG riser and mounted a dedicated Leapers UTG Accushot Scout SWAT 2-7×44 scope on it.

(This scope has a particularly long eye relief which – of course – is ideal for this project).

Positioned the right distance down that nice, long Picatinny rail, now I had my Umarex Notos scope mounting completed – scout rifle style!

Umarex Notos scope mounting

Already I like the Notos a lot! The compact, “just enough power” concept has a lot of attraction for me. After all, it’s a regulated PCP with magazine feed , sidelever cocking and built in moderator. Plus – at $264.99 – it’s a great price, too…

This is an air rifle that could be shot by any family member of suitable age (supervised as necessary, of course). That’s in sharp contrast to the many heavy, long airguns that we all know are out there.

HAM will be testing the Notos in scout rifle mode. We’ll bring you the results as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Umarex Notos PCP Carbine 0.22

1×32.5mm ITA Combat Red/Green Dot Sight, 1/2 MOA, 38mm Tube, Riser, Quick-Detach Weaver/Picatinny Mount

UTG Super Slim Picatinny Riser Mount, .5 Height, 13 Slots

2-7×44 AO Accushot Scout SWAT Rifle Scope, EZ-TAP, Ill. Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 30mm Tube, Weaver Rings