What’s The Best Airgun For Me?

Everyone wants to know the answer to the question “What’s the best airgun for me?”

Of course, everyone has their unique likes, wants, requirements and hopes. However, help is at hand…

Hard Air Magazine has a database of well over 100 comprehensive test reviews in our Reviews Database. This is a huge amount of information!

HAM test reviews are rigorously conducted according to structured, standardised test protocols. Also, HAM Testers are experienced, knowledgeable airgun shooters with many years of experience.

So, when you see that two airguns have very similar test scores – say 85% – this means that they have very comparable performance and benefits. 

HAM Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards are awarded on the basis of value. They take those percentage test scores and relate them to the Street Price of the products at the time they were reviewed. 

What’s The Best Airgun For Me?

Gold Awards, of course, represent the best combination of price and performance. HAM Gold Awards are earned on test by the best of the best products tested by Hard Air Magazine.

This means that HAM test reviews can be compared against each other in a way impossible with other reviews. The result is that you get invaluable, unbiased answers to that question “What’s the best airgun for me?”

We’ll cover air rifles and pistols…

What’s The Best Airgun For Me?

Of course, you could search through the HAM reviews database looking for the best airgun for your needs. Many thousands of people do this!

But now Hard Air Magazine is making the task easier, much easier.

In future, you will be able to read our “Best Airguns” posts. We’ve done the hard work for you by analysing the best airguns in a wide variety of different categories.

Going forward these will give you recommendations to guide you towards finding the best air rifle for hunting, the best springer for $150 and many more…

Note that prices do change with time. So the review price may not always be the same as its price today. 

Sometimes the same airgun may be sold under different names, yet be otherwise the same. Other times, HAM will have reviewed, say, a break barrel air rifle with a spring/piston powerplant and this has been replaced with a gas ram. Yet the gun will be basically the same.

In either case, we’ll make this clear in these “Best Airguns” posts.

Airguns of all types will feature in this series…

This is one more way that Hard Air Magazine is helping you answer the question “What’s the best airgun for me?” We hope that you enjoy reading our recommendations in future!