Commercial Use of HAM Awards for Endorsement Purposes

The use of HAM Awards for endorsement purposes can form a form a valuable part of an airgun manufacturer’s marketing strategy.

HAM Awards provide independent validation of product quality and value. They are derived from product performance in Hard Air Magazine’s expert, consistent and authoritative testing. Because Hard Air Magazine uses standardized test protocols, the results from our comprehensive tests can be compared between reviews.

Unlike personality endorsements, HAM Awards can only be earned by performance under test. They are also applicable only to airguns and airgun-related products. This gives them considerably more validity than generic “smiling face” personality photo endorsements.

Currently, HAM Awards exist for air rifles, air pistols and airgun pellets. Additional product categories will be added over time.

Licensing opportunities are available for companies wanting to use HAM Awards for endorsement purposes in their own marketing and promotion campaigns.

If you are interested in the commercial use of HAM Awards for endorsement purposes, please contact Hard Air Magazine Publisher Stephen Archer by email at