How It All Began.


I contracted the airgunitis virus at a very early age. If pressed to remember when, I would say it was at the age of six. This is how it all began.

One particular story that my Grandfather and Dad told me might well be the reason I contracted this incurable disease. It goes like this.…

My Dad was in desperate need of a haircut which, back in the 40s, meant his hair was over 1/4 of a inch long! The next day was Sunday to go to meeting. As it happened, my Grandpa was delivering tires in Globe, Arizona and my – at the time 8 year old – Dad was along for comic relief.

Since they were away from home, my Grandmother was not going to be able to give young LeeRoy his scalping for the month. So, the two peddlers managed to find a local barber on main street Globe AZ.

As the victim was settling in for the procedure, my Grandfather needed to go to the hardware store that was next door to the blood letting parlor.

When Roy, my Grandpa, was shopping for the items needed he spotted something else on the wall behind the cashier.  A shiny new Benjamin tubular feed ball shooting pump action repeating corn cob air rifle!

Well, feeling sorry for his son and his wife not around to push the “you will shoot your eye out” button, he made the purchase.

As my Father sat on the raised section of the operating chair taking his punishment for being a boy, he could see his Dad through the barber shop window waiving the brand new air rifle.

They tell me that it was at this moment the scalping came to an end. My Dad shot up out of the chair as fast as a pellet in front of the piston of a HW80 spring rifle!

Many doves and pigeons around Toveries’ dairy farm found themselves at the wrong end of that mighty Benjamin! Unfortunately my Dad lent the rifle to a family friend and it never returned.

My Grandfather passed away a few years ago. But my Father still hunts and shoots with me and my brother on occasion. In fact he has taken big game with our Western Big Bore 45 with Kip as our guide.

I have been truly blessed with the best in men that God has created to be my parents. If I have a terminal illness that they gave to me then I thank them for the airgunitis.

Above is a photograph of a Benjamin air rifle of the same make and model that my Dad was gifted many years ago by his Dad.

Next, I will bring to you the story of my first break barrel. That was going to be my first story, however this seemed a more appropriate beginning to the story. That’s how it all began.