Secret Airguns of Arizona Airgun Preparation Steps Revealed

Everyone’s heard of Airguns of Arizona. Many of us have also purchased products from them. But most do not know about the secret Airguns of Arizona airgun preparation steps taken before they ship out your new PCP.

In fact, AoA spends a huge amount of time and effort to make sure that your purchase is perfect before it leaves their store. It’s more than any other other airgun dealer HAM knows of and they are all performed at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

So why are these steps a secret?

It’s mainly because they are not called-out in any specific way by AoA. It’s just the company’s normal way of doing business. To my knowledge, this is the first time they have been recorded and publicized!

To understand everything that AoA does before shipping an order, I joined Logan Buchanan – one of the AoA employees who does this work – and observed all the secret air rifle preparation steps for a customer order.

Secret Airguns of Arizona Airgun Preparation Steps Revealed

This is what he did – and what is done as a matter of course when AoA fulfills an air rifle order.

In my view this is outstanding additional value that’s provided by Airguns of Arizona to their customers. Read on to see what’s involved…

Step One. Check The Order

First Logan selected a customer order. It was simply the next one in his stack. Then he pulled all the items on the order from inventory to ensure that the order could be fulfilled.

Below. Look at all those Daystate air rifles in stock!

The order for this lucky customer comprised a Daystate Red Wolf Safari, together with a 0DB silencer, an Athlon Cronus BTR scope and SportsMatch rings. Oh and there were some JSB pellets included, too.

Next, Logan carefully checked the Red Wolf Safari all over. Of course, Daystate airguns are justly famed for their quality of workmanship, but Logan was taking no chances. He went over the gun just like the proud new owner will – for sure.

Satisfied that there were no blemishes of any kind, he then he removed the stock to fully check the battery and re-attached the stock.

He also confirmed that all of the voluminous paperwork supplied by the Daystate factory was present and correct. Ditto for the accessories that are supplied with the gun, including the magazine. That was checked for correct functionality, too.

Secret Airguns of Arizona Airgun Preparation Steps Revealed

Next the scope was subjected to the same deep scrutiny. The illuminated reticle was checked for operation (and a charged battery). The paperwork and accessories were confirmed in order, too.

This level of detailed inspection was impressive enough. But then Logan explained something I didn’t know…

Scope Mounting And Silencer Secrets

When a customer orders a scope and rings with an air rifle at AoA, the scope is mounted – and sighted in – for free! The fact that this can sometimes take – as I well know – over 30 minutes per gun is accepted by AoA as a cost they absorb to ensure the customer is delighted with his or her purchase.

So Logan used the “double bubble” technique (bubble level on both gun and scope) to position the scope in the SportsMatch rings on the gun.

Once satisfied, Logan snugged down the scope mount screws – not too tightly – and the scoped gun was ready for test-firing. Or so I thought…

For his next surprise, Logan explained that – as the customer had ordered a 0DB silencer, this would also be installed before test firing. The chances of pellets clipping the baffles in the additional silencer are remote, but he was going to check this just the same!

This is all part of the Airguns of Arizona airgun preparation steps before they ship your air rifle to you.

Accuracy And Velocity Testing

Positioning himself at one of the AoA 20 Yard test ranges, Logan settled the Red Wolf on a rest and fully-loaded the magazine with JSB pellets. He fired a first shot, then sighted-in the scope with well-judged adjustments to the elevation and windage turrets.

Finally he fired a 5-shot group. The accuracy was judged satisfactory – a “one hole” group as you’d expect from a Daystate.

Then Logan printed-out an image of this from the AoA system and attached the image, together with a printout from the Ohler chronograph (only the best will do for AoA!) to the test certificate that’s sent out with every air rifle.

Secret Airguns of Arizona Airgun Preparation Steps Revealed

As this was a Red Wolf, Logan tested the velocity and accuracy at all three power settings: Low, Medium and High.

All in a day’s work for Logan, that was an extremely impressive amount of attention – and, yes, love – provided for that customer order. And it happens time after time, every day at AoA. This was emphatically NOT done just for my benefit…

So these are the secret Airguns of Arizona airgun preparation steps the company takes for its customer orders. Yes, now they are no longer a secret: but that’s how it should be!

In fact, there was one additional step that this particular Red Wolf would take before being cleared for shipment. The customer had asked for a Picatinny rail to be installed in the forend of the stock. This would require machining in AoA’s Repair Department and was a chargeable additional service – the only one of all this additional value that the customer would be charged for.

After that had been completed, I’d meet the same Red Wolf order for packaging prior to delivery. That’s another whole story!

Note that this “special AoA treatment” is applied to the models that the company imports and for which they provide the warranty. For example: Daystate, Brocock, RTI, Weihrauch, LCS Air Arms, KalibrGun etc. If you have a question, call AoA for clarification.