A Beeman Crow Magnum Story

Years ago long before my first PCP air rifle I lusted for a Beeman Crow Magnum.

After raising the grand required to acquire the Theoben-made power house I decided on a .22 caliber model with a select stock.

When the Beeman Crow Magnum, arrived I quickly cleaned and tested the gun with outstanding results. The gun became my go to choice for rabbits in short order, with features like the ability to carry in the field for extended periods and flat trajectory.

After only a few months since purchased I was at my favorite Jack Rabbit field when, while cocking the gun, the fore end of the stock exploded. No, I did not dry fire the rifle or let go of the barrel, however the stock failed none the less.

I was distraught and in anguish.

The next day I made a call to Dani, the customer service representative at Beeman Precision Airguns. She did her due diligence in questioning me about the reason for the failure. As you will sympathize, I was beginning to feel as if I was going to be stuck with a very expensive piece of fire wood!

After sending the rifle back to them at my expense and feeling as if I was being called something short of a liar they replaced the stock at no cost to me, sans shipping. So I was again a satisfied customer, with that beautiful Beeman Crow Magnum shooting perfectly once more.

What I hope to convey is that crap happens to us all and “Murphy” rears his ugly head whenever he chooses.

When he decides to make an appearance and spoil your hunt, be assured that any number of the respected suppliers will do their best to make it right. They will ask uncomfortable questions and make assumptions that may point fingers. They may cause you to feel like they are calling you a liar. Unfortunately some folks are!

This vetting is the only way over the phone to sort out the 10 percent bad eggs from the vast majority of good and honest customers. Please be patient. An equitable solution is always found and rest assured your dealer wants and needs you to be satisfied.