Adding A Second Barrel Band To A Stormrider Is Easy!

Why would I want to add a second barrel band to a Diana Stormrider?

Well, many people are concerned about the unsupported length of the barrel and the possibility of it leading to a “wandering zero” under hard use. HAM had the same concern when we reviewed the Version One Stormrider some time ago.

The answer is to buy a second barrel band from Pyramyd Air and install it yourself. It’s easy when you know how, as we’ll see here…

Safety First.

As when undertaking any work on any airgun, FIRST MAKE SURE THE GUN IS EMPTY AND SAFE. Take a “safety shot” to ensure there’s no pellet in the barrel. Then remove the magazine, set the safety to safe and open the bolt.

To remove any High Pressure Air in the Stormrider, shoot it dry by cocking and firing until the gun does not go bang any more. The built-in pressure gauge will confirm this.

NOTE. As with any additions or adjustments to any airgun, if, at any time you’re not sure about what you’re doing, stop and seek professional advice!

Remove The Barrel.

If you have a scope on your Stormrider, remove that first. Then identify the three setscrews in the top of the breech. These setscrews hold the barrel in the breech and they need to be removed.

The setscrews are very small M4 size. You’ll need a 2 mm Allen wrench to remove them.

Adding A Second Barrel Band To A Stormrider Is Easy!

Note that the center screw is held in place by machinery adhesive. At least it was on our review gun! It’s also slightly longer than the other two setscrews. These screws are all tiny. So don’t lose them!

Adding A Second Barrel Band To A Stormrider Is Easy!

Now loosen the clamping screw in the existing barrel band. You’ll need a 2.5 mm Allen wrench for this.

With the barrel band screw loose, you will now be able to pull the barrel straight forward out of the breech.

Adding A Second Barrel Band To A Stormrider Is Easy!

Note that there is an O ring (actually it’s the breech seal) that sits behind the barrel and against the breech. The bolt passes through it when cocked. This O ring should not come out when removing the barrel. But if it does, just push it back into place inside the breech.

The schematic below shows this.

Install The Second Barrel Band.

The additional barrel band we received from Pyramyd Air had two clamping screws. But otherwise it’s identical. Probably this is an attempt by the factory to provide a more secure fixing for the barrel. Remove the sight fixing screw.

Loosen the clamping screws and slide the new barrel band over the end of the HPA tube. It will be positioned between the front of the stock and not interfere with the built-in silencer.

Slide the barrel through both barrel bands and push it home into the breech. Wipe a little air tool oil over the rear of the barrel before installation. It will slide back into the breech much more easily.

NOTE do not use any petroleum-based oil or grease for this purpose as it will rot the rubber O rings which seal the barrel and breech together.

Then re-install the breech setscrews and tighten the barrel band screws. Dry fire to test for correct operation. Re-install your scope and the Stormrider is ready to shoot.

Adding A Second Barrel Band To A Stormrider Is Easy!

There’s no doubt that the Stormrider barrel feels more secure with the second barrel band in place. It looks good, too!

Diana Stormrider Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle 0.177