Airgun Bear Hunting With The Umarex Hammer

In this latest video from Real Airgun Hunting, we go airgun bear hunting with the Umarex Hammer PCP air rifle. The company claims that this is the World’s most powerful air rifle – this video certainly gives a ton of support to that claim!

In fact, it’s Umarex USA’a president, Richard Turner, who stars in this video. He’s in Alberta, Canada, hunting bear. And he proves that airgun bear hunting is possible with ethical, one-shot kills using the Umarex Hammer.

For airgun bear hunting in this video, the Umarex Hammer is loaded with 400 Grain soft lead slugs from the Buffalo Arms Company. These deliver around 600 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy when fired from the Hammer, transferring all their energy to the target on impact.

You can find out more specifications on the Umarex Hammer in this HAM post. Richard Turner is a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman, as you can read in this HAM Executive Interview.

Umarex Hammer .50 PCP Air Rifle