A Great New Introduction to Airgun Hunting Video From Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman – the American Airgun Hunter – has put together a great new introduction to airgun hunting video.

Jim, of course, has long been well-known for his hunting videos and articles. In this video, he first answers the question “Why hunt with airguns?” (The answers are, challenge, opportunity and practicality, Jim says).

In this airgun hunting video, Jim then takes us through the techniques of hunting and the types of quarry that can be hunted with airguns (small game, varmints, large game etc).

Moving-on, Jim’s introduction to airgun hunting video covers the selection of air rifle, pellets, scopes and other accessories such as sticks, binoculars and rangefinders.

As a highly-proficient hunter who has hunted with firearms, shotguns, handguns, bows, Jim also explains the reasons for using airguns as his hunting weapon of choice.

This introduction to airgun hunting video is a 22-minute Master Class from the acknowledged expert in the field.

Although Jim is obviously aiming many of his remarks primarily at new hunters, there’s plenty of nuggets of information that will be appreciated by any airgun hunter. This is a video you can watch multiple times and pick up something new every time. We did!