Jim Chapman Compares Backpacking Air Rifles For Hunting

Jim Chapman’s latest video is a great resource for anyone looking for backpacking air rifles. Particularly if you’re looking for a compact air rifle for hunting.

By “backpacking” , Jim means a full performance air rifle that is small enough to be carried in a portable package, or can be broken down into component parts for easy transport.

As a noted airgun hunter, Jim has huge experience in carrying – and shooting – airguns in the field. In this video he covers three popular choices in backpacking air rifles: the AirForce Talon-P, Ataman M2 and AirArms TDR.

Each gun has a different configuration. The Talon-P is simply a compact carbine, while the Ataman has a folding stock for portability. The TDR has take-down capability.

Jim likes them all and shows us some of the benefits of each one as a backpacking air rifle, primarily for hunting, of course. He also talks about the best shooting application – as he sees it – for each air rifle.

Hard Air Magazine tested the TDR some time ago – in the lower-powered version available at the time – so you can read more about that in our review.

Jim shoots all three backpacking air rifles in his 20 Yard home range – it’s really cold in Minnesota! – for this video. He uses JSB pellets for each test. The Talon-P is in .25 caliber, so he uses JSB Exact King 25.4 Grain pellets. The .22 caliber TDR takes 15.9 Grain JSB Jumbos, while Jim chooses 18.13 Grain Jumbo Heavies in the .22 caliber Ataman M2 carbine.

Finally, Jim makes a thoughtful analysis of each gun compared to the factors he feels are important in a backpacking air rifle to be used for hunting. Then he identifies the models he prefers for hunting small game and medium game.

Which gun does Jim prefer? You’ll have to watch the complete video to find out!!!