Jim Chapman Hunts Rabbits in Texas With A Kral Puncher Breaker.

The latest video from Jim Chapman – the American Airgun Hunter – features him hunting rabbits in Texas with a Kral Puncher Breaker air rifle.

For this rabbit hunt in Dos Plumas, Trent, TX, Jim uses the Kral Puncher Breaker in .25 caliber. He find the bullpup design to be comfortable and easy to shoot. The 10-shot rotary magazine and side lever action work well for Jim. He also likes the cheekpad on the the breech, particularly in cold Minnesota weather conditions.

In this video, Jim takes rabbits cleanly at ranges of between 40 and 80 yards. He’s a great shot!

Jim’s Kral Puncher Breaker is fitted with a Leapers scope for the hunt and he uses JSB Exact pellets in .25 caliber, of course.

Just click on the link below to watch the video.

Puncher Breaker Silent Walnut Sidelever PCP Air Rifle