Take A Look At These Umarex AirSaber Hunting Videos!

The arrow-firing Umarex AirSaber was launched at the 2020 SHOT Show. You’ve probably already read the HAM test review – we loved it!

Now we can see some AirSaber hunting videos. After all, this is what the product is really about.

Umarex says that the AirSaber is good for large game hunting and that it delivers energy well within the acceptable range for large game for a full 25 shots.

In this first video, Steve Criner shoots the AirSaber in Texas. He’s successful taking a big whitetail deer, as you’ll see…

Next, Chad from Lethal Air takes his AirSaber hog hunting.

In our HAM test review, we found that the AirSaber met or exceeded the manufacturer’s claims for power and shot count. Steve and Chad prove that it obviously delivers in the field too.

Finally, Eydin Hansen gives us some background about this arrow gun and how he likes to set it up for hunting.

Make sure to check out the Airgun Sporting Association map for an indication that it’s legal to hunt with any arrow gun. Also check with your state’s Conservation or Hunting Agency for more details and confirmation.

Umarex AirSaber PCP Air Archery Rifle
Umarex AirSaber