Bird Hunting With The Brocock Bantam PCP Air Rifle.

AEAC’s Steve Scialli has started a new video series. In this, he reviews airguns in use for hunting.

In Steve’s first “Shoot, Travel, Hunt” video, we join him in Northern Utah. He’s bird hunting with a .22 caliber Brocock Bantam PCP air rifle. Specifically, he’s using the Brocock Bantam HiLite Soft Touch, which has a large carbon-fiber tank for high shot count.

And he’s meeting-up with Michael Wendt, the owner of the Airgun Nation Forum.

In this hunt, Steve and Michael help-out a dairy farmer by targeting a variety of invasive species that cause trouble for his cattle. These include birds such as starlings, sparrows and pigeons.

Steve finds the Bantam compact, easy to carry on the hunt, yet powerful enough for all the tasks he wants in bird hunting. Michael is using a Daystate Pulsar, another air rifle with similar benefits.

This video also features local Utah airgunners Thane and Val Simmons. Thane and Val are both highly-accomplished airgun shooters who scored highly in the recent 2017 Extreme Benchrest competition. Great shooting, guys!

There’s lots of hunting action in this video, so watch only if you’re comfortable with this.

Brocock Bantam Air Rifle