Jim Chapman Gives Us An Airgun Squirrel Hunting Masterclass

This latest video from Jim Chapman is an airgun squirrel hunting masterclass!

In twenty minutes, Jim talks us through a huge amount of information on hunting squirrel as a game animal – not pest hunting in the yard.

The squirrel is probably the most-widely hunted animal in the US. Jim explains why and reminds us that squirrel hunting has seasons, that there are limits to the numbers you can shoot. And that you need a hunting license!

Jim covers choice of air rifle and the benefits of different calibers. He also talks about the benefits of different pellet types. There’s so much information in this airgun squirrel hunting masterclass that you have to watch it all…

And Jim stresses the benefits of camo clothing, the value of binoculars and use of a rangefinder for successful squirrel hunting.

Just click below for this airgun squirrel hunting masterclass…