New SCI, Pyramyd Air Partnership Announced

With interest in airgun hunting on the rise, its widespread use in Europe and expanded use in U.S. states, Safari Club International – SCI – recently announced a new airgun category for its Record Book in 2021. Now this is reinforced by a new multi-year SCI, Pyramyd Air partnership.

Pyramyd Air is now the official airgun retail partner of SCI, supporting its mission of protecting the freedom to hunt and promote wildlife conservation worldwide.

Val Gamerman, President of Pyramyd Air explained: “We’re excited for the opportunity to increase airgun hunting participation across the globe and share our vast airgun hunting knowledge with the 50,000 plus members of SCI.”

“Partnering with SCI, along with SCI’s introduction of a new airgun category in its Record Book for 2021, legitimizes the fact that airguns can be used for hunting, and not just backyard plinking.” he said.

Below, Val Gamerman (left) talks to HAM Publisher Stephen Archer.

New SCI, Pyramyd Air Partnership Announced

Pyramyd Air has long been both an educational resource to hunters, as well as an instrumental voice to help guide airgun hunting legislation throughout the country.

In 2018, Pyramyd Air launched its interactive airgun hunting map in response to the ever-growing interest in hunting with airguns. The map provides up-to-date information about airgun hunting laws and regulations across the entire United States, covering over 120 species.

Pyramyd Air also helped found the Airgun Sporting Association (ASA), supporting their mission to work with state wildlife agencies on the development of regulations legalizing the use of big bore airguns for big game hunting, as well as help to clarify existing airgun regulations for small game hunting.

Furthering its commitment to hunters worldwide, the SCI, Pyramyd Air partnership will create increased awareness of airgun hunting capabilities – which range from small game, all the way up to whitetail and beyond.

“Pyramyd Air’s partnership with SCI creates a pivotal moment for hunters worldwide,” continued Gamerman. “We look forward to working with SCI’s members to be their “go-to” for all questions pertaining to airgun hunting, as well as offering exclusive members-only discounts and services on airguns and accessories geared towards hunting.”

Below. A view of Pyramyd Air’s Airgun Hunting Map.

“From the very start, Pyramyd Air was passionate about their desire to support SCI and the work we do to defend hunters’ rights and promote wildlife conservation,” said W. Laird Hamberlin, SCI/F CEO. Their service and support of the hunting community is outstanding and we welcome their support as a valued partner.”

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