Axeon NightVue – A New Tool For The Nighttime Airgun Hunter

The Axeon NightVue is an innovative new product from Axeon Optics – a division of Umarex USA.

In fact, it’s a binocular-mounted green laser illuminator that transforms a regular binocular from a daylight only tool into an optic that can be used around the clock.

Many advanced hunters use binoculars for “glassing” (scanning an area for animals) rather than their air rifle’s scope. So even if you have a night vision optic on your air rifle, the Axeon NightVue could be a compelling addition to your equipment.

Even more so as Axeon Optics has a limited time introductory price of just $99.99! (This compares to the regular MSPR of $149.99).

Axeon NightVue - A New Tool For The Nighttime Airgun Hunter

The company explains that the Axeon NightVue mounts to most porro and roof prism binoculars. It beams a powerful 520 nm green laser out to distances up to 250 meters. The Field of View at 100 Yards stretches 13 Feet in diameter.

The green color of the NightVue emitter cuts through haze and fog while also having a low effect on personal night-time vision. Axeon Optics says that it doesn’t disturb any animals in its path.

Set up of the Axeon NightVue is a simple affair with the included mounting hardware. The NightVue fits many current binoculars, although there are some exceptions.

Once mounted to the optic, the locking knob on the mounting stem can be loosened so the green laser beam can be aligned with the line of sight of the binoculars. The Axeon NightVue has both a weather sealed body and USB charging port located on the bottom side of the back portion of the light.

Axeon NightVue - A New Tool For The Nighttime Airgun Hunter

Once mounted onto the binoculars, the hunter uses the beam adjustment wheel to adjust the angle of the light output to closely match the magnification range of the binoculars and distance of the subject from you.

The Axeon NightVue has a run time of 60 minutes. It is USB rechargeable. Each unit comes with a charging cord and plug-in charger.

The green laser beam adjusts with the easy turn of a wheel on top of the until. A small beam focuses and intense light on the subject while the larger beam allows you to see at a wider diameter.

Axeon Optics says that the NightVue weighs 1/2 pound. It has a water-resistant, weatherproof housing.

To take advantage of the limited time introductory offer, just follow the link below.

Axeon NightVue