Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit Can Add 100 FPS Or Double Shot Count

Now there’s a new Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit that can provide significant improvements to the performance of any UNREGULATED Benjamin Marauder or Armada air rifle. And it costs just $19.99!!!

First, here’s a summary of the benefits that are offered by this Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit. Also included is a sample shot curve for each caliber.

Note that all these benefits are compared to “factory tuned” current-manufacture air rifles, direct from the production line.

Benefits in .177 Caliber:

– Double the consistent shot count (with an Extreme Spread of less than 40 FPS).
– Also provides an increase in Muzzle Velocity/Energy.

Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit Can Add 100 FPS Or Double Shot Count

Benefits in .22 Caliber:

– Increase Muzzle Velocity by up to 100 FPS. (That’s an increase of 20% in Muzzle Energy).

Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit Can Add 100 FPS Or Double Shot Count

Benefits in .25 Caliber:

– Increase Muzzle Energy by 5 – 10%.
– Increase shot count by 10%.

Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit Can Add 100 FPS Or Double Shot Count

Benefits in All Calibers:

– Simple and easy to install.
– Factory warranty is retained.
– No permanent changes are required to be made to your gun.
– Tune Kit is fully-removable and the gun can easily be re-set to factory settings if required.
– No disassembly of the gun is required (except removing the stock if required to ease access for installation).
– Tunes are made using existing screw adjustments on the gun.
– Includes one “canned tune” for each caliber that will provide benefits even if you don’t have access to a chronograph.
– Eliminates that pesky puff of air in your face when the air rifle is fired!
– Fits all unregulated Marauder and Armada air rifles of any caliber and manufacturing date.

Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit Can Add 100 FPS Or Double Shot Count

Big Note:

These results have been derived by testing with 12 different combinations of Marauder air rifles and pellets. A definite benefit from using the Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit was found every time! We will share additional, comprehensive test details with you in future posts.

Velocity Outdoor tunes every Marauder or Armada air rifle to be within a specified Muzzle Velocity range before it leaves the factory.

However, as is well-known, the Marauder has an infinite range of tune settings. This is due to the combination of screw adjustments for Transfer Port size, Striker length and Hammer Spring tension.

So, it’s not surprising that every individual Marauder or Armada has slightly different shooting characteristics to the next one off the line. (This is true for ANY manufactured product from ANY manufacturer, of course).

The result of this is that “Your mileage WILL vary” when installing this Tune Kit in your Marauder or Armada. There will be benefits. The variable is “how much?” on any individual gun.

The “canned tune settings” supplied with this Kit are settings for Transfer Port, Striker and Hammer spring screws that are used in combination with the kit’s Tube Plug. There’s one tune for each caliber. If you have no chronograph they will provide benefits with your gun.

The valve’s Transfer Port Adjustment Screw is shown above. This is accessed from outside the gun. Below we see the other end of the screw partially-filling the Transfer Port exit from the valve.

However – like any tune on any airgun – using a chronograph will enable you to achieve the maximum benefit from your specific air rifle and pellet choice. So, you will be able to improve on the “canned tune” settings by careful experimentation.

Testing on one regulated Gen 1 Marauder indicates no benefit from installing this Tune Kit. Apart from eliminating the puff of air in the face, that is. But it didn’t do any harm either…

Full Disclosure:

The Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit has been developed by Stephen Archer, the Publisher of Hard Air Magazine and owner of Archer Airguns. This kit is available from the Archer Airguns online store.

Benjamin Marauder and Armada Air Rifle Tune Kit

Two additional posts will follow to provide more hard details on the test results and how this Tune Kit works. Check them out in the next few days!

Detailed Test Results.

Theory Of Operation.