Delta Wolf Barrel And Chronograph Cleaning

Airguns of Arizona has recently released this video on Daystate Delta Wolf barrel and chronograph cleaning. In it, Don from AoA shows how simple it is to master these essential maintenance activities for the air rifle.

Below. Step one. Remove the barrel.

Delta Wolf Barrel And Chronograph Cleaning

Hard Air Magazine recently conducted an ultra-comprehensive test review of the Delta Wolf. It earned a HAM Gold Award with a near-perfect 99% score!

Part of the Delta Wolf’s attraction is its game-changing ability to monitor and control its performance electronically. The built-in chronograph plays a key part in this unique functionality. But – like any chronograph – it has sensors that detect the passage of the pellet.

The Delta Wolf’s chronograph is built-in the the shroud, positioned just ahead of the muzzle. To function correctly, the sensors need to be kept clean by a simple, regular regime of cleaning.

Don recommends first cleaning the barrel, then cleaning the chronograph as a second stage.

Below. Check the red LED is illuminated. This means the chronograph is operational.

Delta Wolf Barrel And Chronograph Cleaning

To do this, the barrel/shroud/chronograph assembly is removed from the receiver. This makes barrel cleaning easier and also facilitates inspection and cleaning of the chronograph.

Below. Clean the four sensors for the chronograph.

So Delta Wolf barrel and chronograph cleaning is not difficult to do, all that’s required are these simple steps, undertaken with care.

Daystate Delta Wolf