Diana Stormrider Regulator Installation

Having discovered the benefits, let’s now see how to undertake Diana Stormrider Regulator installation. Actually, it’s pretty easy…

Safety First.

As when undertaking any work on any airgun, FIRST MAKE SURE THE GUN IS EMPTY AND SAFE. Take a “safety shot” to ensure there’s no pellet in the barrel. Remove the magazine, set the safety to safe and open the bolt.

Then dry fire the gun until all the high pressure air has been expelled. Keep dry firing until the gun goes click instead of bang – then a couple more times to be sure!

NOTE. As with any additions or adjustments to any airgun, if, at any time you’re not sure about what you’re doing, stop and seek professional advice!

For this Diana Stormrider Regulator installation, we will be installing the regulator – of course! But we’ll also be installing a replacement fill valve assembly. This one includes a pressure gauge.

Once the installation is complete, the new pressure gauge in the end of the HPA tube will indicate the FILL PRESSURE. The existing gauge in the underside of the stock will then indicate the REGULATOR PRESSURE. This is what it looks like.

This “two gauges” arrangement is a very useful additional benefit of the upgrade and well worth the additional price of the replacement fill valve assembly.

Remove The Fill Valve.

Having removed all the pressure, pass a screwdriver or Allen (hex) wrench through the fill port. Turn it counterclockwise very slightly to “break” the fit of the fill port in the end of the HPA tube.

The fill valve can then be removed easily, turning by hand. Once it’s out of the gun, we can see how similar it is to the replacement part with gauge.

Diana Stormrider Regulator Installation

2. Set The Regulator.

Then set the desired regulator set pressure by carefully turning the indicator plate with a screwdriver.

Diana Stormrider Regulator Installation

Diana’s instructions make this clear. But see our other post before deciding on what reg pressure to select.

3. Install The Regulator.

This is the clever part! There’s no need for further disassembly of the gun for this Diana Stormrider Regulator installation.

Simply screw the long rod into the end of the regulator and – once it’s secure – push the regulator down the HPA tube using the rod.

Diana Stormrider Regulator Installation

I found it beneficial to wipe a smear of silicone oil or grease – DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF LUBRICANT – around the O ring before inserting into the tube.

Push down firmly but carefully until the regulator assembly “bottoms” against the front of the valve. Now unscrew the rod and remove it.

That’s it! The regulator is in place…

4. Install The New Fill Valve Assembly.

Wipe a smear of silicone oil or grease around the O ring of the new fill assembly. Then screw it into place.

Diana Stormrider Regulator Installation

Finally tighten with the screwdriver or Allen wrench.

Diana Stormrider Regulator Installation

5. Test

That’s it! Your Diana Stormrider Regulator installation is complete…

Now carefully fill the gun with air. Take this easily and slowly, checking for leaks as you go. If there’s any problems, stop filling and exhaust the HPA by dry-firing as described above. Then remove the fill adapter and re-install.

Finally, test fire the gun. A chronograph makes it very easy to appreciate the improvement.

However, please note that it’s not so easy to change the regulator set pressure if you’re not happy with the shot count/FPS balance. You will need to remove and reinstall the regulator to do so. It CAN be done – we did it! – but it’s quite hard to get the installed regulator back out of the HPA tube.

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