Doug Wall Makes Some Steel Strike Upgrades

In his recent review of this BB gun, Doug Wall told us he planned to make some Steel Strike upgrades. It’s his personal property, he’s an avid tinkerer with strong mechanical skills and – besides – he’s having fun!

So here’s the update. Take it away Doug…

“As promised in the review of the Umarex Steel Strike, here are three minor mods that I have made to the gun, to fit my taste.

Steel Strike Upgrades – Rear Peep Sight

As mentioned in the review, the rear peep site was too small for my taste.

To fix this, I glued a piece of black ABS plastic into the rectangular “frame” of the rear peep. I did this because it seemed that the rear peep would be too thin to drill out without the ABS reinforcement.

After the glue had dried, I carefully drilled out the peep site, using increasing sized drills, until I got it up to 1/8-Inch.

Steel Strike Upgrades

For me, this is a much more usable peep for this gun.

Steel Strike Upgrades – Front Post Sight

The second thing that I modified, was the front sight post.

As was noted in the review, the gun was shooting low with the factory sights.

By carefully filing down the plastic front post, I was able to get the Point Of Impact to match the sight. A little fluorescent plastic paint finished it off.

Steel Strike Upgrades

Of course, I tested the POI several times during the job so as not to file off too much material!

Steel Strike Upgrades – Bulk Fill CO2

The third – and more complex – mod was to make it a bulk fill gun.

These days, most people are going with HPA, so CO2 paintball tanks are becoming less common. As I happen to have a 20 Lb CO2 bulk fill, and a few CO2 paintball tanks, I figured that this would be worthwhile for me.

I purchased an extra end cap, and a QD fitting with a check valve. The QD fitting had a 1/8 NPT thread. So I drilled and tapped the end cap for 1/8 NPT, and sealed the fitting into the end cap with Teflon tape.

Steel Strike Upgrades

Then I machined a couple of flats on sides of the end cap so that I can tighten it in with a wrench. In use, I add a couple of drops of silicone oil into the fill fitting when I do a fill. This keeps the gun’s internals properly lubricated. (It takes the place of the oil drop on the tips of the 12 grams).

BTW, when bulk filling, I hold the tank upside down above the tube so that the liquid CO2 runs into it and stop when the gun seems full.

Steel Strike Upgrades

I haven’t had a chance yet to check the shot count of the bulk fill, but it really doesn’t matter too much to me. I just top the Steel Strike up whenever I hear the FPS slowing down…

These simple mods make this an even more fun gun to me. Enjoy!”

Thanks Doug! Note that making any such changes to your gun will obviously invalidate the Umarex USA warranty.

Also, Doug’s mechanically skilled and knows what he is doing. In particular the Bulk Fill CO2 mod requires appropriate skills, knowledge and tools. Don’t try this at home folks unless you’re similarly qualified!!!

Umarex Steel Strike CO2 Air Rifle 0.177
Umarex Steel Strike BB Gun