GAMO Says Its Hornet Maxxim Air Rifle Is Ready for Squirrel Season

GAMO is encouraging everyone to try the Hornet Maxxim break barrel, gas piston air rifle for Squirrel Season this Fall.

The Hornet Maxxim is available in both .22 and .177 cal. configurations, giving you a choice of calibers for small game hunting, recreational shooting and pest control.

According to GAMO, the Hornet Maxxim features quality parts and advanced technologies to improve the overall experience of shooting and hunting. Hunting squirrels and other small game with this air rifle is sure to be an enjoyable time shared with friends and family of all ages, says the company.

The manufacturer says that this model is a great choice because of it’s affordable price, plus a combination of useful features, such as the Whisper Maxxim sound suppression technology, minimizing normal shooting noise. (So long as you use pellets that do not exceed the Speed of Sound – about 1,100 PFS).

The Inert Gas Technology delivers steady and consistent power, increasing accuracy and durability with less vibration, says GAMO. The gun also incorporates GAMO’s patent pending CAT™ (Custom Action Trigger), a two-stage adjustable trigger.

The Hornet Maxxim package includes a GAMO 3-9×40 scope and rings. GAMO says that the Hornet Maxxim includes their Recoil Reducing Rail that maximizes the scope lifespan because of its 99.9% recoil compensation designed for high-power air rifles.

The black, all-weather molded synthetic stock has Shock Wave Absorber and their color-coded gasket PROSHOT ID System to help better align shooting needs with the performance attributes of each model from hunting to pest control and recreation to target and competition.

All GAMO air gun and ammunition packages are now clearly labeled and color coordinated to designate their recommended primary usage to easily pair the right ammo with the right air gun – Red = Pest/Recreation, Green = Hunting, Blue = Competition.

The Hornet Maxxim is color-coded green for primarily hunting use.


Gamo Hornet Maxxim IGT CAT Air Rifle


Gamo Hornet Maxxim Air Rifle