HAM Community Secrets 2 – Colors And Threads

In this HAM Community Secrets 2 post, we’ll learn about colors and threads. Hopefully these are some ideas that will help you enjoy using the Community even more!

HAM Community Secrets 2 – Color

The default – or standard – color scheme for the HAM Community uses red, white and black for a bright, cheerful effect.

However there is also a sophisticated, silver alternative color scheme that you can choose. You can move between these choices at any time, just by following this simple HAM Community secret…

To change colors, scroll down to the foot of the page. If you hover your mouse over the “HAM Red” words, you’ll see a “Style chooser” option pop up.

By clicking on the “Style chooser”, you see a range of options. In fact the “default style” and “HAM Red” are the same – that’s the style you see automatically unless you choose another style.

HAM Community Secrets 2

If you choose the “HAM Silver” option, the Community immediately changes into a sophisticated silver color scheme. Like this…

… and this.

So what’s this “v2” option you see in the Style chooser? Well, if you are using a desktop computer or tablet, it takes the top navigation and moves it into the left column. Like this…

HAM Community Secrets 2

The “v2” layout works in both HAM Red and HAM Silver styles.

Again, use the “Style chooser” to go back to the default style, or any other one that you prefer. Have fun!

HAM Community Secrets 2 – Threads

For the second part of this HAM Community Secrets masterclass, let’s look at Threads.

The default (standard) view in the HAM Community shows the “Discussions” view. But, right below the “Discussions” tab, there’s a “Find threads” link.

HAM Community Secrets 2

On a phone, click on the “menu” at the left to open-up the “threads” options.

HAM Community Secrets 2

Here, you can check on your own threads: that’s the ones you started yourself.

Or you can check on Threads started by other HAM Community members that you have previously contributed to.

Then there’s also a list of “Unanswered threads”.

It would be great to think that all threads that a member has taken the time to post in the HAM Community are immediately answered. But that may not always be the case. Sometimes some great threads are just missed – here’s how to find them and join-in the conversation.

I hope that these simple secrets will help you to enjoy and benefit from using using the HAM Community even more than you do already!!!