Hawke Frontier LRF Binoculars Have Built-In Rangefinder

The latest announcement from Hawke introduces two new Frontier LRF Binoculars. They are available in 8 x and 10 x magnifications, both with 42mm objective lenses. The “LRF” designation stands for Laser Range Finder.

Most serious airgun hunters value the benefits a pair of binoculars offer. Generally these are a wide field of view, combined with easy manoeuvrability and light weight. They’re great for scanning an area an identifying a target, before aiming your air rifle.

Rangefinding binoculars are even better. The built-in rangefinder makes finding the exact distance to the target simple and easy.

Hawke says that these new Frontier LRF binoculars feature laser rangefinding capabilities including Distance, Rain, Hunt, Near, Horizontal Distance and Angle modes. Rangefinding is done with the touch of a button and accuracy is ± 1 yard.

Hawke Frontier LRF Binoculars

These binoculars use high light transmission optics and a red colored OLED display to make the view to your target clear and sharp. The display brightness can be manually adjusted between 6 levels of brightness.

Hawke explains that Frontier LRF binoculars are built on a magnesium alloy chassis. The design is ergonomically constructed to fit comfortably in your hand with easy access to both of the control buttons.

As you would expect, they feature water-repellent lens coatings and fully multi-coated lenses. The results are sharp images with high light transmission and true color rendition. The closest focusing and range-finding distance is 11 Yards.

Hawke Frontier LRF 1800 8×42 Binocular OLED Green

Hawke Frontier LRF 2300 10×42 Binocular OLED Green