It’s A HUGE Start For The New HAM Community!

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far in the new HAM Community!

Entirely due to your support, the latest and greatest airgun Community has gained over 1,100 members and 3,500 messages in just its first month of life. That’s HUGE and a fantastic start that has far exceeded my wildest expectations 🙂

It’s only going to get bigger and better with time…

Again thanks to you, there’s some great discussions taking place on a wide variety of airgun-related subjects. It’s YOUR COMMUNITY and you’re free to talk airguns in an open and pretty-well unrestricted manner! (You know what I mean, no bad language, respect for others, basic civility).

Of course, the “traditional” Hard Air Magazine will continue to be published alongside the new HAM Community. Both are linked together to provide a massive resource of information for airgunners everywhere.

Also, I’d like to thank the businesses who have stepped-up immediately to support the HAM Community in it’s earliest days. I see the HAM Community as an important link between airgunners and the manufacturers who create the products we use. That has to be a “win, win” situation for us all.

In particular, I’d like to thank the businesses that have joined us as supporters this month.

It's A HUGE Start For The New HAM Community!

Already there’s lots of traction in the American Air Arms Category of the HAM Community. And – just yesterday – EDgun West has joined, too. Now you will be able to have direct communications with the principals of that company as well.

The HAM Community gives you a direct way to talk to your favorite airgun manufacturers. These companies value your input, as you can see from the businesses that have already introduced themselves here. They include H&N, JSB, Benjamin/Crosman, Diana and more…

In addition there’s more exciting improvements planned for the new HAM Community. Next month we will be making some new announcements that you’re going to want to know about and be part of.

What are they? You’ll see them soon…