Jim Chapman Hunting Prairie Dogs With An FX Impact

In his latest video, Jim Chapman is hunting Prairie Dogs in South Dakota.

For this hunt, Jim’s using an FX Impact air rifle in .30 caliber. He likes the gun a lot! Great accuracy, fine trigger, lots of adjustability, loads of features, multiple caliber capability and power. Pretty much the conclusion of HAM’s comprehensive test review of the Impact some months back.

Jim also finds it a very convenient for use in various shooting positions when hunting. He says it has great stability for long shots.

In this video, Jim’s hunting Prairie Dogs mainly from the sitting and prone positions – the Impact works well and easily for him.

We see Jim taking clean head shots out to 85 Yards hunting Prairie Dogs using .30 caliber JSB Exact 50.15 Grain pellets. That’s a Leapers UTG scope he’s mounted on the Impact’s Picatinny rail. We all know Jim’s a great shot, but clearly the rifle, scope and pellets are doing their part, too!

FX Impact Air Rifle, Black