Jim Chapman Hunts Jackrabbits With A Springer

Normally, Jim Chapman hunts with PCP air rifles. But not today! In this video Jim gets back to basics with this Walther Parrus spring piston air rifles.

The .22 caliber Parrus is powerful and Jim is happy with it. He finds the cocking smooth and the trigger crisp. Possibly because the Parrus is a fairly large, heavy air rifle, Jim likes the solid recoil. He finds it easy to keep on target when shooting.

HAM reviewed the Parrus a couple of years ago. We rated it a great hunting air rifle for the right person. It earned a HAM Bronze Award on test. Looks like Jim agrees…

Overall, he finds the Walther Parrus to be an ergonomic gun and a fine out-of-the-box hunting rifle. But like many of us, he doesn’t like the automatic safety with which this gun is equipped.

In pellet testing, Jim finds both both JSB Jumbo Heavy and RWS Superdome pellets are accurate in this gun. Both deliver around 1,000 FPS. He chooses the JSBs by a small margin.

It looks as if Jim’s Parrus was somewhat more powerful than the sample HAM tested. But that’s not a slam on the Parrus. Some variation between individual models of any product is inevitable, of course.

Jim Chapman hunts Jackrabbits in West Texas in this video. He shoots standing and kneeling, taking the jackrabbits cleanly out to 40 yards. The Parrus/Jumbo Heavy combination clearly works for him!

Walther Parrus Air Rifle, Black Synthetic
Walther Parrus Air Rifle