Jim Chapman Hunts in South Africa With A .30 Caliber Ataman M2

This video from the American Airgun Hunter – Jim Chapman – shows him hunting in South Africa with a .30 caliber Ataman M2 PCP air rifle.

Jim likes the Ataman air rifle in .30 caliber and uses a Leapers scope and JSB Exact 44.75 Grain pellets with it.

The hunt is at Hounslow Farm in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and he’s hunting Rock Hyrax. This is a rodent-like varmint that’s known locally as a “Dassie”.

Jim takes a couple of Dassies cleanly at between 50 and 75 Yards with the Ataman PCP, as you’ll see in the video below.

Ataman M2 Carbine .30 Cal