Jim Chapman Hunts Wildebeest With Air Venturi Air Bolt And Dragon Claw Air Rifle

Jim Chapman is just back from a hunting trip to South Africa. This is the first video to result from that expedition and it shows Jim hunting Wildebeest with Air Venturi Air Bolt, fired from a Dragon Claw air rifle.

In the video, you see Jim hunting Wildebeest at the Hounslow farm in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. He takes a 50-yard shot on a big Wildebeest using a 425 Grain Air Bolt with a cloverleaf crossbow head. With a 500 FPS muzzle velocity, the Air Bolt/Dragon Claw combination is massively capable for hunting big game.

The Dragon Claw air rifle Jim uses is a .50 Caliber gun. The Air Venturi Air Bolt will fit any air rifle in this caliber. Jim announces that other caliber Air Bolts will be available soon.

Air Venturi Air Bolt, 6 pack