Now It’s Easy To Find Bob Sterne’s Airgun Technical Posts

HAM Technical Editor Bob Sterne has been writing his thought-provoking monthly Airgun Technical articles since June 2018. And there’s more to come!

To date, Bob has written 17 posts for HAM. These are becoming a substantial body of knowledge for serious airgun enthusiasts everywhere and – so far – have been read around 25,000 times. WOW!

As the stories are spread over more than a year of publication, the purpose of this post is to bring together an index of Bob’s posts to date, together with a brief summary of their contents. You can also find them in an online index of “Airgun Technical” posts that’s accessed from the HAM Home Page, like this…

Now It’s Easy To Find Bob Sterne’s Airgun Technical Posts

I hope that this will make this important body of material easier to find and encourage you to read it again. Bob writes well, but, let’s face it, some of this stuff is really, really technical – I read it several times myself to make sure I understand 🙂

So here we go…

PCP Airgun Design

How PCP Airguns Work. June, 2018.

How To Obtain The maximum Power From A PCP Air Rifle, July 2018.

Understanding PCP Airgun Power Factors, August 2018.

The Effect Of Port Sizes on PCP Airgun Power, September 2018.

Using Hammer Strike To Control PCP Power, October 2018.

Conserving Air In PCPs – Hammer Bounce And The SSG (Stopping Spring Guide), November 2018.

Balanced Valves For PCP Airguns. They’re Here Today! December 2018.

PCP Tuning

Bob’s Guide To Tuning Unregulated PCPs, January 2019.

An Introduction To The PCP Regulator. Don’t Ignore The Plenum! February 2019.

Tuning Regulated PCP Airguns, March 2019.

PCP Efficiency – What Is It? What Changes It? April 2019.

Ballistics, Pellets And Slugs

PCP Airgun Internal Ballistics, May 2019.

The External Ballistics Of Diabolo Pellets, June 2019.

The External Ballistics Of Slugs In Airguns, July 2019.

Wind Drift For Airguns – It’s Important Where The Wind Is! August 2019.

Vertical Deflection For Pellets In Crosswind, September 2019.

Thanks Bob!!!

We’ll update this index to Bob’s Airgun Technical Posts in the future.