Open Sighted Springer Airgun Hunting With A Walther Parrus

In this two-part episode of Real Airgun Hunting, Steve Criner takes an unusual approach. He goes springer airgun hunting – but with open sights!

For these two shoots, Steve uses a Walther Parrus air rifle in .22 caliber. HAM reviewed this air rifle in 2017. We concluded that “the Walther Parrus air rifle is a powerful, single shot hunting air rifle. For the right person, it can be a great airgun.”

It looks like Steve Criner agrees! In these joined episodes, we see a ranch pest hunt in Wyoming on a fine day in the Winter. He’s aiming to shoot any pests that are legal to hunt! The result is that he takes shots out to 32 Yards open sighted springer airgun hunting on an Eurasian dove and cottontail rabbits.

As well as the hunting, Steve also explains some other excellent points in this video.

He explains the value of working with a farmer and building-up a relationship. This can lead to permission to hunt different types of pests and game on his land. In this way, the airgunner helps the farmer and the farmer helps the airgunner.

We also see Steve making extensive use of a rangefinder. He finds the range of multiple points in the field of fire so that he’s able to accommodate pellet drop accurately and quickly.

Steve says that “knowing the range is the most important thing” when airgun hunting. When buying a rangefinder, he advises making sure that it focuses down to around 5 Yards so that it’s suitable for springer airgun hunting – and with PCPs too for that matter!

And make sure that you watch right through this video. You’ll see Steve whistling and the effect that has on his prey!

Walther Parrus Air Rifle, Black Synthetic
Walther Parrus Air Rifle